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  • Should We Clean-up Browser Cookies Regularly?


    In the past few years, privacy and security concerns have been increasing more and more. People started worrying not only about malware and hackers but for legitimate companies who were trying to get their hands on our browsing habits as well. Deleting browser Cookies always provides an extra layer of privacy protection. The question is, […] More

  • Online Business 101: Applications to Outgrow your Business through Technology

    A world of a technology-driven system, most likely the business today has many technology tools and many chances to integrate sales and upgrade your business. With a number of companies today, fighting to renew the deals and find a strategic way to improve and increase their number of buyers. You can have a physical store […] More

  • I Presented at a Local College and Learned 4 Things

    I recently gave a presentation at a college in my town and stood before an inquisitive audience of young web designers, doing my best to deliver some wisdom about the industry. Despite diligent preparations, the event gave me some unexpected takeaways that broadened my knowledge. Once I share what I learned through that speaking engagement, […] More

  • This simple app could help boost employee productivity

    The achievement of targets in any organization is contingent upon the consistency of productivity level of its employees. In the modern business arena, every organization is facing new challenges regarding productivity and creating a committed workforce. In this ever turbulent contemporary business environment, no organization can perform at the highest levels unless each employee is […] More

  • 5 Reasons Your App Failed


    After months of hard work, you finally managed to launch your app in the market. Just like any other developer, you were hoping for a positive response from the consumers, but to your dismay, the app failed to make the anticipated impact on the users. While it may seem like you are the only one […] More

  • Do I Need To Know SEO To Be A Freelance Writer?


    When you start your career as a freelance writer, one term you are probably going to notice quickly is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is basically a way to ensure that your website or any particular content you create is more noticeable. The internet is a great resource and one that is, […] More

  • How to Secure the Right Domain for Your Next Digital Venture

    Your domain is like the front door to your business. While the true determiner of success goes beyond just the front door, you can easily cost yourself a chance at it if you don’t make the right first impression. Plus, your domain name can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, both positively and negatively, […] More

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