10 Best Viral WordPress Themes for Blogs

While planning to make your content go viral of your blog, be sure to pay heed to all the options that will help you to sustain your visitors for a longer time & easiest way to share your content on the social platform. Afterall, Viral Content is all about grabbing the attention of the visitors & the fetching them onto your blog which will then transform your blog into a money making blog. What could be a better choice than choosing WordPress platform because users already vouch on its flexibility & capability to handle a massive content site & encouraging traffic to your site! However, Free WordPress Blog Themes will be able to deliver your content; it is still rational to choose a premium theme with enhanced functionalities. By selecting one of the themes from the collection given below, not only you will start noticing the tremendous changes, but also you can start right away with monetizing your blog!

1. Video

If you are looking for something that takes care of your multimedia rich website, especially video content, then this truly stylish and search engine friendly & the most preferred among WordPress Video Blog Themes, this theme is your best bet. The theme is embedded with video-centric features such as like/dislike feature, watch later, playlist, low bounce rate, YouTube integration for View counts in addition to all the other typical premium features.

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2. WordX

Propel your business to new heights with this theme that particularly enriches your content by supporting HD images that make your already beautiful content even more uplifting. The theme is overall very beautiful and professional and is best for blogs and online magazine that have to deal with both huge content and heavy traffic.

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3. ViralWP

This one comes with lots of features and customizations that are both pleasing to look at and easy to handle at the same time.

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4. Newsanchor Pro

An easy to use magazine theme that is great for online sites that want to give a fresh and modern perspective to their visitors. The theme is built-in with a plethora of features like widgets, color options, easy access to over 650 Google Fonts and much more.

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5. Moment

Minimalistic and simple are two words that sum it up for this theme, which automatically transforms into its advantage to work as a viral traffic magnet.

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6. NewsPaper

NewsPaper is one of those themes that do all the work without all the boasting and is particularly great for content rich websites. Some of the features that this theme brings to the table include trending and latest sort features, media-rich features, and multiple post layouts. In a nutshell, the theme is a perfect solution for websites that have to deal with huge amount of content frequently posted across multiple categories.

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7. Rexus

Rexus makes it incredibly easy to increase page views and also increase the time spent by each user on your website with its super engaging and eye-catching design that is bound to attract attention and retain the same.

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8. Buzz

A fully responsive design on top of infinite scrolling and beautiful layout are only some of the things that make this theme stand out from the rest of viral WordPress themes. With all these features and a ton of others, the theme is perfect for magazines and other content rich websites.

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9. SocialNow

As the name suggests, this theme heavily relies on social media marketing & takes full advantage of its social icons providing enough options to share your content on social media websites. Further, its unique & intuitive navigational panel encourages readers to find their way around.

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10. Sensational

Transform your regular blog into a unique blog with this theme’s beautiful layout & designs. Some of the things that bring out the awesomeness of your blog include its homepage design, advanced typography, unlimited options to customize & most importantly social media integration to make your content go viral!

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Written by Sumit

My name is Sumit Kumar. I am a professional content curator from India. I have been writing content for various top notch networks and blogs.

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