10 Main Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Bring Money

10 Main Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn't Bring Money

While monetizing sometimes is the main reason people start blogs, it might not come as soon as expected. If you writing your blog mostly because you enjoy it, that’s okay; however, it may disturb those, who start blogging with a clear financial goal in mind. If you think you’re doing everything right but your blog still doesn’t bring you money, let’s find out what’s wrong.

There are many reasons why monetizing doesn’t work, but today I’ll tell you about the most common ones. Hope they’ll help you to understand what’s wrong with your strategy and change it.

1. You don’t have a strategy at all.

The most obvious reason. There are some rules and tips you need to follow if you want to monetize your blog. However, some bloggers think that they don’t need to stick to these rules, trying to create their own strategy instead or not using anyone at all. While it might work in some cases, most of the time it doesn’t.

Remember: there’s a reason why these rules exist. It’s a shame not to use a ready-made and well-tested blogging strategy just because someone else developed it.

2. You have no idea of what you’re blogging about.

Yesterday you wrote about handmade and today you’ve switched to a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t necessarily bad as long as you stick to a certain small number of topics and don’t forget to write articles on each one of them regularly. However, if you simply change the main topic of your blog every week or two, you simply won’t be able to build a stable audience and to start a monetizing process.

Moreover, it’s not only different topics that matter: your blog needs to have a clear vision, to look whole. For example, if you start a business blog but choose a colorful design with too many decorations, there’s a big chance it’ll look odd.

Be sure that everything (design, a theme of your blog, style of your posts, etc.) looks good together.

3. You don’t spend enough time on blogging.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are: you still need to work hard to make your blog stand out and to monetize it. While your posts may be brilliant, people won’t find them unless you spend time on promotion, and won’t subscribe to your blog if you don’t post regularly.

When it comes to blogging, consistency is the key, and you have to remember that well. Think how many time a week you’ll need to spend on your blog and try to find this time no matter what.

4. You’re trying too hard.

While not spending much time on your blog is a mistake, trying too hard can be one too. It’s obvious that some blogs are simply easier to monetize than the others: their topics are popular and maybe even their niche isn’t overloaded with bloggers. Why trying to monetize a very specific blog when all you need to do to make things better and easier is to choose another topic?

5. You place ads everywhere.

You might want to make money out of ads but you need to remember about your readers too. However, some bloggers seem to forget that completely, overloading their blogs with ads. The bad thing here is that ads usually blink or catch the eye, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on the content of posts. Moreover, they are simply irritating to many readers.

Sure, you can still use ads, but try to be moderate and place them when they won’t distract your readers much.

6. Your design is bad.

Speaking of distraction and inability to concentrate: sometimes a design can cause this just as effectively. We all have our design preferences and it is completely normal but when it comes to a blog design, you have to think about your readers first. Make the design clean, simple, and easy to read, and if you still have doubts, ask your friends to share their opinion with you.

7. It looks like you’ve made this blog purely for monetizing purposes.

Some people want to monetize their blogs so badly that they fill the posts with various advertising links, write too many words about why you definitely need to subscribe to their blogs, and so on. Sadly, it has the opposite effect on readers: they don’t want to subscribe just because you tell them to. In many ways this is similar to TV commercials: if you’re watching your favorite TV show, you probably won’t turn the TV off, but if you’ve just started watching something new and then too many commercials pop up, you probably just turn the TV off and walk away. When a blog is new, too many ads can cause its quick and painful death. So don’t be too intrusive.

8. Your writing is bad.

Many people think that blogging is easy, that almost anyone can do it. They completely forget that you need to have strong writing skills to write posts that catch attention, are easy and interesting to read. If everything else is fine, but the subscribers simply don’t appear, maybe it’s your writing style that turns them away. Lucky for you, you can change that with the help of hard learning; however, it might take a lot of time.

9. You stick to your blog only.

Blogging is not only about making your blog shine – it’s also about promoting it on the Internet. If you don’t share your blog posts on social networks and don’t write guest posts, how do you think your audience will find you?

10. You don’t have a realistic goal in mind.

To achieve a certain goal, you have to make it as concrete and realistic is possible. If you think that you’ll be able to monetize your blog in the first few days without investing money into it, you’re being unrealistic. If you think that you’ll be able to run a number of blogs simultaneously while having an office job and a family, you’re being unrealistic too.

Do a little research: it will help you set more realistic and concrete goals. Then all you have to do is to work on achieving them.

As you see, there can be many things that can cause problems with monetizing. It’s not just about how your blog looks or how you write – it’s also about the strategy you choose, the goals you set, and the things you do for promotion.

I hope that this article will help you to fix all the problems you have with your blog and monetize it as soon as possible!

Written by Richard Nolan

Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers.

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