10 YouTube Channels Where You Can Learn Web Design

10 YouTube Channels Where You Can Learn Web Design

If you’re only using YouTube to watch funny video clips or to enjoy your favorite musicians’ latest releases, you are missing out on a great aspect of this platform. In addition to being a great source of information, YouTube is also home to many channels that are dedicated to educating viewers in a variety of disciplines. One of these disciplines is web design. If you are interested in learning web design but don’t have the resources to sign up for classes in your area, YouTube might be a viable alternative for you. Check out these 10 YouTube channels where interested folks like you can learn the principles of web design.

1. Adam Khoury


Adam Khoury’s YouTube channel is a one-man source of education and information for anybody who wants to enter the field of web design. Technologies taught through his videos include  Action Script, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Adam is a natural teacher who is able to explain concepts clearly to beginners without speaking down to them.

2. Mike Locke


Potential web designers must learn about both technologies as well as the principles of design. Without having great skills in both areas, it is nearly impossible to create great user interfaces. Mike Locke’s YouTube channel focuses on technical skills such as learning the latest languages and coding techniques, along with the skills required to ensure that user experience is also a priority.

3. PHPAcademy

This is an amazingly in depth and detailed series of 200 videos that teaches interested learners all about the details of PHP.  Students who want to learn to truly leverage the power of this flexible and popular language can start at the beginning and watch the videos sequentially. Students who simply want to explore specific topics related to the language can simply pick and choose what they wish to view.

4. 1st Web Designer


Successful web designers have artistic skills and technical capabilities. They also have business knowledge and the ability to earn new clients. While other channels on this list do a great job of teaching technical skills and design principles, few if any bring business savvy to the table. 1st Web Designer rounds out the approach to teaching web design by including all of these elements in their videos. This makes this a perfect channel for students considering a career in web design.

5. Level Up Tuts

This YouTube channel was created to help early stage web designers as they work on their initial projects. The creators decided that rather than taking a ‘first type this, then type that’ approach to teaching, they would offer useful, easy to understand explanations about why these actions were taking place. The result is a set of well-produced videos that bring understanding as well as education.

6. Google Developers


If you are going to learn web design, why not go to the source that essentially defines the modern day internet experience. The Google Developers channel offers lectures, chats, tutorials, and best practices advice through a series of videos. Because new content is constantly being added, beginning web designers can come back frequently to add more skills and knowledge to their too chests.

7. Academy

The lessons delivered here are very straight forward. However, they are also quite in depth. Of course, the real selling point for this channel is the wide variety of topics that are covered. While many channels cover CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, this channel also covers Docker, Dev ops, Backbone.JS and more. In addition to all of this students can also learn deployment strategies and server administration.

8. Learn Web Code

Web designers who are interested in learning Jquery and about web design for WordPress should definitely consider subscribing to this channel. There are several videos addressing WordPress widgets, coding techniques, design advice, and everything that is increasing your online influence.

9. Source Decoded

The Source Decoded channel that features an interesting set of videos with two guys using a white board to explain design concepts. Their approach is laid back, easy to watch, fun, and very educational. Students learn not only the ins and outs of various web design technologies, they also learn about the logic behind it all.

10. Code Academy


This channel has a brief, but very educational series of videos on CSS, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and JQuery. In fact, students who are particularly interested in Ruby on Rails should definitely follow this channel. This YouTube channel became active quite recently, and it will be interesting to see what videos they will offer up in the future.


If you want to learn more about the principles of web design, to improve your technical skills, or even learn the business side of this field, YouTube is a great resource. Check out the channels listed above, and soon you might be earning money as a professional designer. At the very least, you will learn enough to make your personal web development projects a great success.

Written by Nicole Boyer

Nicole Boyer is a graphic\web designer, who recently has started her own freelancing company. She is also a contributing blogger for several major publications.

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