13 Web Design Predictions for 2016 – 2017

web design predictions 2016 - 2017

What do you think will happen with web design in 2016-17 as the level of dynamism in the web design industry is pretty much high and trends begin and end with blazing speed. Therefore, predictions often fall flat although some it holds true about the ways in which designs are likely to shape in the present year and the coming time. In fact, such data is of good use for companies that offer web design services as many of the designers take the trends into consideration while. Designers are aware of the fact that keeping an eye on the trends help them catch the pulse of the industry to a great extent and it can make all the difference to the businesses lying in different corners of the globe.

The followings points speak about the 13 trends that are likely to prevail in the web design industry during the year 2016-17.

1. Big Homepages

How will homepages look in the year 2016-17? The chances are that large-sized pages will pick steam and the standard grid type pages will no longer remain in existence. Thus, you will have large homepages that are artistic rather than the prevailing standard. In fact, big homepages have been there for quite some time and the thing is likely to last in these years as well. According to a report published by the Society of Digital Agencies, more than 70% of agencies think that poor and unresponsive design can mar a business and emerge as a reason for breaking the positive relationship with the client.

2. Presence of animation

The animation will never lose its appeal no matter how much the times change. However, it is not the only thing that the designers need to keep in mind. They have to focus on the fact whether the animation resonates with the content and the business as a whole. Studies suggest that more than 35 % people will no longer have an interest in a website with more loading time.

3. Prevalence of semi-flat designs

There was a time when the world of web design was surrounded with flat designs and the pitfalls came into notice soon after. Therefore, semi-flat designs will be more in demand due to the presence of cards and shadow along with the transitions that have been perceived by the designers. Moreover, the ease of use makes semi-flat designs a better alternative. Researchers believe that mobile devices account for internet usage for every 2-3 minutes.

4. Timeless ideas

Website owners have realized that standing out in the crowd of competitors is a big thing no matter how easy it may sound. In the year2016-17, designers will have to start thinking out of the standard substance to add more value to the designs.

5. Customized illustrations

Stock images and icons can save money for companies but what if they do not make a mark in the minds of the target audience. By hiring a website design company in India, businesses can ask for customized illustrations even if it means spending more money.

6. Video marketing and its benefits

The importance of live visuals cannot be ignored when it comes to a web designer India and designing successful websites that have embarked on a new path. Websites with videos have more power in enticing people when compared with sites that have mere images and illustrations.

7. Inclusion of cinema-graphs

As far as powerful visuals are concerned, you have to watch pout for the trends that are likely to prevail in the year 2016-17. The inclusion of cinematography can create a major impact in the minds of the viewers. Although the technology is not new in the real sense but its entry into the world of web design can make all the difference.

8. Interactive designs and web pages

With web designs that are unique, the idea is to communicate with the audience. Engaging the target audience with multimedia components and content which is meaningful, the year 2016-17 can create magic when you hire web design services India.

9. Design and navigation

The web design must be user-friendly and it is true considering the fact that the designers have started the trend of placing photos in tiles for making designs minimal rather than heavy and uninteresting.

10. Ideas of storytelling

Conveying the message in the storytelling mode has risen during the recent times as messages can be conveyed more effectively in this manner. The crux is to convey a story with each design.

11. Responsive Designs

A design that works on different devices and platforms can readily appeal the audience. With all the elements of web design in mind, simplicity is going to be the key to creating designs that evoke the response of users.

12. Elegant themes

Incorporating themes that are elegant and rare can make things click for creating a web page that has everything in place.

13. More images and less text

With more images and less text not only will the websites load faster but they can be more impressive for the onlookers and profitable for businesses.

Providing information in an easy and effective manner is the best way to interpret the trends that are likely to prevail in the year 2016-17.

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