18 Tools and Services for Better Content Creation

18 Tools and Services for Better Content Creation

And outstanding and engaging content is essential no any blog or website. You need to make it aligned to your target audience’s preferences and needs, plus ensure that it gets well-ranked on Google Search to they can find it.

But creating high-quality content isn’t an easy task. There are several elements that you need to take into consideration while doing it, and you might not have the required time or skill set to the task.

So nothing better than count on online tools and services focused on content creation. They will help you to create a perfect work environment so to speed up your tasks. And you will achieve better results as a consequence.

# 1 – Practice English Grammar

An error-free content is a must. It gives your credibility and minimises possible misunderstandings – we all know how a simple comma can become a major issue! So if the grammar isn’t your strongest skill, you should consider downloading Practice English Grammar, a free app that covers all grammar topics in a very fun way questions, flashcards, and over 100 games.

# 2 – Skitch

Will you be using screenshots from your content? Then you should consider Skitch, one of the best Apple’s tools available to capture and edit screenshots. It will let you add marks and texts to it, so to make your images much more engaging.

# 3 – Storify

Do you work with a team of writers? If yes, Storify might be the best option for you. It will create a “newsroom” for you, providing tools and resources for collaborative work in real time and from multiple locations, plus a super powerful search engine.

# 4 – Upwork

If you would rather outsource the writing altogether, you might want to contract a freelancer writer to do it for you. In this case, you will find plenty of experienced professionals on Upwork. There, you can post any job you need and wait for the quotes with no effort.

 # 5 – Grammarly

No matter how good you are, you are bound to let some typos pass unnoticed if you are working by yourself. So if this is something you can relate, you might want to invest on Grammarly, an online service that checks your texts for spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

# 6 – KeywordTool.io

KeywordTool.io will be your best helper when it comes to keywords. You just need to type in a general idea, and it will give back to you a comprehensive list of long-tails tools that you can use in your content. All for free.

 # 7 – Top Writers Reviews

 If you would rather count on an agency to outsource your writing, then you should consider Top Writers Reviews. They can create any content you need and deliver it from only 6 hours, depending on the length and type of material. And their prices are very affordable.

# 8 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics will let you know everything you need to create content that your target audience will enjoy reading or watching. You will be able to find out metrics about favourite keywords, most visited pages, and much more.

 # 9 – PikToChart

Creating infographics is much easier with PikToChart. You will only need to pick a template, edit the elements, and add images to it. Your infographic will be ready in minutes and ready to be embed in your website or blog.

# 10 – Canva

But if you are going to create images from scratch, you should test Canvas for a while. This tool has become the favourite of people with no design experience but who need to add some visual resources to their websites, blogs, or social media.  Their drag-and-drop tool will make everything so easy that you will feel like an expert.

# 11 – Curata

Curated content is one of the favourites post formats to any audience, as you might know. And Curata can provide you with hundreds of thousands of sources from which you can find all information you need. Better than it, we are talking about self-learning software, so more you use it, better results you get.

# 12 – Quora

Got stuck with a subject? Then go to Quora and search about it. Chances are that someone else is already talking about it, and you will find all answers you need there. Of course, anybody can say anything there, so you should go only for verified sources with a significant number of upvotes.

# 13 – Dictionary.com

Yes, let’s get back to the basics. If you want to create better content, you need to have full control of your words. And a good and old dictionary is essential to any writer. Dictionary.com certainly is the best one out there, and you can use it online or as an app. Plus, it is worth paying for the premium version, as you will get even more resources, such as an encyclopaedia and a slang dictionary.

# 14 – Phraseology

If you got an iPad, have a look at Phraseology. It will make your work not only more fun, but it will help you to improve your writing by providing suggestions focused on vocabulary enhancement, sentence structure, and misspellings. You will be able to use a drag-and-drop tool to re-arrange paragraphs.

# 15 – Hemingway

Hemingway will also check your text for grammar and spelling, but the goal here is to improve your style. After you paste your text there, it will point out sentences that should be shortened, hard-to-understand paragraphs, and over-complex or unnecessary words.

# 16 – Marked 2

Marked 2 add to your style editor a few more resources. It will let you know what must be improved, but it will preview your text in one of the CSS themes available. This way, you will be able how your writing will look like in your website before transferring it.  And you can export files with CSS and images embedded so to save you time.

# 17 – Ginger

What about a personal trainer for writers? Ginger is a powerful spell and grammar checker that will evaluate your mistakes and send you lessons and exercises based on your most common mistakes. It will also suggest you how to rephrase your sentences and comes with a dictionary, a translator for 50 languages, and a text reader so you can hear your texts.

# 18 – Reddit

Another source of great ideas is Reddit, Just pick the community where people discuss your topic of interest and be well informed about the trends and news of your industry. You can also join conversations and ask questions.

In Conclusion

So there you got 18 online tools and services that you can use to create better content to your blog or website. They are life-savers for any content writer and are focused on many different needs, so make the most of them.

Written by Janet Anthony

Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City who has been writing professionally for five years now. She mostly writes about blogging tips, social media, self-development, and SEO. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.

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