18 Top Notch jQuery Mobile Bootstraps and Templates

The importance of a remarkable mobile presence has become inevitable. Indubitably, an impressive web presence is equally essential. Thus, by creating a mobile optimized online presence, you can ensure a surefire and sustainable solution.

With the latest advancement and development in the technology, today, even a novice developer can efficiently develop a feature-rich product by implementing the advanced development tools available out there. However, while deploying such tools, one need to keep its specific aspects in mind. There is no dearth of proficient development tools out there, but the jQuery Mobile is much sought after framework for developing touch-optimized mobile web applications.


In this article, I will represent you a roundup of superior jQuery Mobile Bootstraps and Templates available in the market.

Without any further ado, let’s explore the list.

1. jQuery Bootstrap Date/Time Picker

This date or time picker widget is designed on the basis of the Twitter Bootstrap. It allows users to choose a date from the calendar and input a time. This feature can be integrated in a jQuery Mobile application.

2. Jquery Mobile Flat UI Theme

Nowadays, flat and minimalist design are in trend. The flat UI design focuses on subtle textures, clean layouts, sharp typography, vivid colors and a lot more. This jQuery Mobile template is a great choice for creating a flat and trendy visual appeal.

3. jQuery Multi-page Template

With this multi-page template, you can generate your jQuery Mobile page. It comes complete with multiple page containers, thus, you can conveniently add this to your mobile solution that possesses multiple pages.

4. Square UI Theme

If you want to create a square UI effect in your jQuery Mobile app, this ultimate theme is a great pick. It offers a clear and uncluttered app UI.

5. jQuery Bootstrap Colorpicker

You can easily insert colorpicker into another element or desired field by implementing this jQuery Mobile Bootstrap plugin. You may implement as a component. This alpha picker allows users to precisely choose a desired color tone. It supports multiple formats, including rgba, rgb, hsl, hex and hsla.

6. jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller

Customization offers great flexibility to users and this resourceful mobile tool facilitates the creation of custom-designed theme. It is extremely simple to use, you just need to choose a suitable color, share the URL of a desired theme, and drag and drop the theme into your website.

7. Easy jQuery Mobile Builder

This powerful online tool allows one to generate basic jQuery mobile website with a professional look and feel. You can make website with this proficient tool blazingly fast and effective.

8. jQMobile WordPress theme

You can enhance the look and feel of your WordPress site while optimizing it for

mobile devices, by using this free jQuery Mobile theme. It ensures a readable and engaging visual appeal to your WP blogs.

9. Bootstrap jQuery Mobile Theme

Based on Bootstrap, this amazing theme inserts an jQuery Mobile F swatch and replaces the existing A-E swatches with the beautiful styles and colors available with Bootstrap. In this theme, A is referred as the primary swatch and B-F are considered as accents (you may add as many as required).

10. PHP Quiz Application Using jQuery Ajax MySQL & Bootstrap

It is a quiz application that possesses a user login, registration and a message for forgetting password functionality. It represents failure or success in the quiz via an integrated message system. This jQuery Bootstrap comes complete with a plethora of utile features.

11. Custom jQuery Mobile Themes

You can lend a desired look and feel of your mobile solution while reaping the benefits of this jQuery mobile tool. It is absolutely simple to use, you just need to follow the instructions and your theme will be there in front of you.

12. jQuery Structured Filter

This Bootstrap offer generic web UI that facilitates the creation of filter queries and structured search. It comprises jQuery UI widget, which supports a plethora of themes and setups.

13. strapPoint : jQuery plugin to work with Bootstrap Breakpoints

This remarkable Bootstrap plugin facilitates users to seamlessly implement the Bootstrap Breakpoints in their jQuery mobile solution.

14. jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel

With this amazing feature, you can efficiently and effectively handle your mobile version of the site. It offers a complete Admin Panel, so that you can conveniently manage the features of your site.

15. jQuery Table Sortable for Bootstrap3

To sort the Bootstrap3 table in a desired fashion, you can implement this Bootstrap tool. It allows one to arrange and represent the table content in a requisite order.

16. Mobile Portfolio Site Template

Mobile Portfolio Site template is designed to help users create a desired portfolio in an attractive and enticing manner. A great choice for a mobile portfolio website.

17. Graphite

The default colors of this jQuery Mobile template, amazingly complement the minimalist visual appeal of the template. It offers a beautiful solution to target mobile users in an effective and impressive way.

18. Dash : Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Navbar

The two integrated navbars (one for left and another for top) are great to improve the navigation in touchscreen devices. This responsive Bootstrap3 tool is a dashboard style tool that is CSS3 and HTML5 compliant.

These handpicked 18 development tools effective and invaluable mobile solutions, especially when the jQuery Mobile framework has been used. You may implement any of the above mentioned Bootstraps and templates to create a sure-fire mobile presence.

Written by Addison Cohen

Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, an mobile application development services provider. He loves sharing latest information on Android, iOS or other mobile technology.

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