Why 2017 Will Be the Breakout Year for 3D Printing Technologies?

Chances are you have already heard about 3D printing but you probably didn’t know how fast this crazy technology has been progressing. It also seems that rate of rapid change is only going to increase. There are already a couple of key developments that have been scheduled for 2017. All of these developments are going to make some big changes in the whole industry of 3D printing. That is exactly why 2017 is going to be the breakout year for 3D printing. Make sure you keep reading to find out more.

Why 2017 Will Be the Breakout Year for 3D Printing Technologies?High Speed HSS 3D Printing Technology is Introduced

The new technology in 2017 is going to allow rapid manufacturing of multiple parts by using sintering process. This is the process that strays far from the one used today. This technology is going to combine the process of powder-bed fusion with the process of an inkjet printer. We’ll be able to sinter entire layers of an object in just a couple of seconds. The first high speed sintering (HSS) machine is going to be available online in 2017. There are many large players who might consider using high speed sintering technology in order to counter HP. One thing is for sure, this new technology has a lot of potential to revolutionize mass manufacturing in just a year.

HP Enters With Multi Jet Fusion Technology

There’s also a lot of chance that the most important aspect of printing technology in 2017 is going to be HP’s entrance into the 3D printing arena. HP might start using their first Multi Jet Fusion machines in order to start printing in 3D. We might expect these machines to be launched sometime near the end of this year, but they are not going to be used until the middle of 2017. It is also quite likely that HP is going to introduce some other new materials and printer models, which is going to have a big impact on the whole industry and make some other manufacturer try to come up with some new pieces of technology. Technology like this is surely going to spark the competition and make 2017 quite an interesting year for 3D printing.

Why 2017 Will Be the Breakout Year for 3D Printing Technologies?CLIP Technology Advances Even More

CLIP technology is a type of printing that uses both light and oxygen. It enables printing at speeds between 25 and 100 times higher than the 3D printers that are currently on the market. The first machines used in this process are going to be available by the end of 2016 and they are going to reach their peak in 2017. Carbon3D, the start-up that came up with this new technology has already attracted a lot of attention and it seems like they are going to be even more popular in 2017. Stratasys 3D Systems, and ExOne will also prepare for all this innovation in the industry. There are also some smaller businesses, which started preparing similar but less refined technologies.

More Small Businesses Opting for 3D Printing

A large number of companies use 3D printing today and even more of them might opt for it in 2017. With all of these new technologies, 3D printing is going to be more available and more and more small businesses will start using it. They will turn to 3D printing in order to come up with new ways for business promotion. For example, architecture companies can use 3D printing to build model scales. Even though 2017 is going to be the year when many businesses will be able to use 3D printing for these purposes, commercial printing is something you can opt for even during the 2016. There are many different promotional items you can start using right away.

Why 2017 Will Be the Breakout Year for 3D Printing Technologies?

Having mentioned all this, 2017 surely seems like a good guess as to when all of this innovation is going to make an explosion in the 3D printing technology. In just a year, the industry we know might look quite different than today. It is important to stay informed and keep looking for any news about this industry. More advanced 3D printing might just have a big influence on the way you run your business.

Written by Diana Smith

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