3 Critical Checklist To Follow Before Taking A Step Into Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not only about being present in the social media sphere. It is a highly sharp commercial engagement that may cause severe destruction, if not handled in a proper way. When you take up social media marketing, the primary concept remains same when compared to real world marketing. Social media marketing is only about promoting brands through the virtual or digital world. Everything else remains the same. The primary goal is to deliver unique selling points that end up providing sustained sales productivity. Just like offline marketing, it is also about converting a company into a brand at the very best.

Through social media marketing, the entire approach becomes totally customizable and personal. For any social media marketing campaign to start, assessing the context, prerogatives, tool-sets and environment are crucial points to consider. Any social media marketing approach will imply thorough setup and perfect clinical precision in the way that the messages need to be delivered and that too, through dedicated channels. Remember, when you follow such campaigns and are a part of it, posting on any social media platform or personal blog, group page, or even a fan page never becomes the same anymore.

Before engaging yourself into social medial marketing, you must consider these following points:

1. Defining the base strategy

You need to setup a budgeted road-map with the right set of resources to ensure that proceedings will move through the best way possible. You must make sure that the road-map stays perfectly in tune to what is being done or what is to be done in the real-world. Assuming social media marketing in Mumbai to be a very simple and easy process may never be the right thing to do. There will be expenses involved in terms of time, money and effort. Therefore, you need to be precise about the marketing campaigning part. This will help in reducing the overall burden.

2. Revamping your site and focusing on the primary objectives

You must focus on accessing the main methodologies and objectives. It may well be required to totally revamp your original website for effective social media optimization and marketing. These are crucial SEO tricks that incur solid and positive results.

3. Staying SMART in approach

You must ensure that social media marketing looks SMART in approach. It must be measurable, realistic, relevant, time-bound, attainable and specific. You need to pick either of the three approaches: awareness, sales and loyalty. Trying to go for all the three together may generate negative leads and outcome. You must consider one objective at a time. Also, you must stick totally to your venture’s marketing & communication policy.

You must be able to identify the right kind of platform along with the suitable tool-sets that seem to be positively responsive and relevant to your road-map. Always consider the fact that social media marketing is not about anything else, but delivering the same set of messages through different spectrum of interwoven social networks. You must be consistent in your approach while ensuring that the decision-making process happens strategically. Also, remember to develop your tool-set with the right kind of monitoring and listening ware.

Anyone who gets involved into social media marketing would be bound to find himself/herself pulling on different strings all at the same time. You must assess the situation and carryout research to understand the campaign’s environment.

Written by evanswalsh

Author Bio : Evans walsh is a social media professional who works at instamacro.com. In this article, he suggests some effective marketing strategies that can be applied through Instagram.

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