4 Less Known Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Business

4 Less Known Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Business

We all live in a busy age. And with the cutting age, the use of technology increased drastically. There are tons of programs available on the market to help us boosting our productivity ratio. Sometimes this enormous number of tools makes us confuse of choosing the best for our particular need. If you are an entrepreneur or bootstrapping your business, then you may know that the social media is a crucial factor in the success of your business. If you set up an effective marketing campaign, then it can play a significant role in your business growth.

When it comes to social media, almost all the people just start mentioning on Facebook, Twitter, etc. marketing platforms. Yes, there is no doubt that these sites are powerful and efficient, but there are also some less known social media tools which can be a great help. They contribute to analyzing and manage your social media profiles in different ways. Today, we will see top 4 less known social media marketing tool, especially for small business growth.

1) Traackr

There are many social media marketing tools are available to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. social media sites. But did you ever think about how the social media experts are contributing and responding to the contents of social sites? Identifying the authorities which mean to your business is an important thing to consider.

Traackr lets you know how the leaders in social media are responding or contributing to the content you share on different platforms. It is a great tool especially for companies related to digital marketing and ads by providing the records of the targeted audience and how they are paid off in the end.

There are many social media marketing tools are available to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. social media sites. But you may not know or do not have noticed that most of the current social media marketing tools do not integrate with Google+. The possible reason for it may be that Google has not released an API for Google Plus Profiles. But, Do Share which is currently available as a Google Chrome Extension, allows you to post on Google+.

You can schedule your posts throughout the day and week in your Google+ profile and pages. It does not use the Google API, so you need to keep your Chrome browser open at the time of posting. It has some occasional glitches and does not have the mobile app, but it is still my favorite social media marketing tool.

2) Feedly

Many people and internet marketers think that social media posts mean to share something about us or our products. This is true but not always. If you post only for you and your products/services, then people will start taking less interest in your profile. Social media is not for sharing content related to only yourself, but also for sharing some useful and truthful content of other people or business too.

People will be looking to invest more in you if you invest in others. For this, you have to take regular visits to relevant websites, blogs, news, etc. and get updates. But, it can become difficult to keep on visiting such sites and reading their content. So, you need a tool for it. And Feedly is the right option for it. It takes RSS feeds from blogs and websites that you are interested in and lists them for providing an easy way to read. You can use it in your browser and even on your mobile. You can save articles and also can share them directly to your social media accounts.

3) edocr

In the no.2, we see that social media is talking about you as well as about others as well. Sharing content of others not only build relationships but also helps to build trust in people. One golden rule of social media marketing is to give something useful to people, and that is for free! Yes, giving away some free stuff is becoming a valuable part of social media marketing and building trust in people. If you want to talk about yourself, your business, or want to give out some of the secrets, then the easiest way to do this is creating e-books. For example, if you are in a food business, then why not create an awesome recipe e-book and make it available for free download? If you are involved in the finance field, then you can create an e-book on finance and account tips.

SlideShare from LinkedIn is the famous example for document sharing services. I can recommend it to you too, but rather I’ll like to share the information about edocr. It is a growing document sharing service with over 100,000 users. After uploading your e-book on your edocr account, the other users of edocr can get It downloaded from their account. Also, you can link it to your Google+ profile, which means Google will list your e-book with you as an author and which becomes more and more necessary. You can choose its plans which are affordable and designed by keeping different kinds of purposes in mind.

4) SproutSocial

It is a social media management tool which helps you to monitor your social media profiles and pulls all of the activities done on them in a single stream. It has a sleek dashboard and simplified messaging view. You can check, follow, respond, retweet, and schedule your posts across your social media platforms from within the dashboard. You can also monitor your keywords and discover the suggestions to follow/unfollow profiles based on the opinions. You can also export the analytics reports in an excel or pdf format. It is also available for Android and iOS devices. If you have a small budget and want all-in-one social media activities across different channels, then this social media marketing tool is for you.

Addition –

5) Canva

In today’s modern times, full text content is dull and boring.  That is why marketers and business owners turn to visual content (such as images, videos and Infographics) to effectively capture and engage their audience. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. That is where this simple yet powerful visual content creation tool called Canva comes in. It features a library of high-quality, pre-designed templates and beautiful stock photos for all your design needs. From social media graphics to business cards and presentations, Canva makes it really easy to create these digital assets through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface together with an array of image editing elements. Within a minute, you will already be able to produce a highly-engaging post for your Facebook and Twitter pages. Canva is Free and is also available for the iPhone and iPad.


You can use videos, contents, posts with images, and podcasting as a part of your social media strategy. Many new startups became successful using the above social media tools as their digital marketing campaigns. The B2B marketers make social media strategies which are different from the B2C marketers, and it should be done in that way. Social media marketing increases the visitors to your site and also helps to generate leads through campaigns. It cuts the marketing expense of small businesses. If you have tried some or all of the above tools or if you have something to tell about social media strategies and campaigns, then feel free to scroll down below in the comment section and share your beautiful ideas.

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