4 networking tips every freelance writer needs to know

The only problem with being a writer is that the act of writing is quite boring. I mean look here, I am on my Laptop and writing. I am having my cup of coffee and what, I am typing again. I am at a cafe, I am having my breakfast and my fingers are again on my laptop. Writing is a long repetitive task and not very much exciting until you have a good community of people to share your work with.

Networking with other writers is the best way to keep you motivated and it also gives you new ideas about writing, publishing and of course marketing. There is always something to learn from an author network and trust me I wouldn’t be a writer without them. But networking with other authors is not that easy. It requires some hard work both online and offline. Here you will find some helpful tips to grow your author network exponentially and keep you inspired all the time. Let’s have a look:

Master Social Media:

Social media is certainly the best place to hang out with your heroes. Do you know you are only a tweet away from your favourite author, publisher or even a critic? Social media marketing of your content, especially on Twitter, can expose you in front of a huge database of readers. But the only thing that here things go slow and steady too. Re-tweet other writers tweet that you find interesting, reply to the tweets of those you follow and just keep doing this thing. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn are other social media platforms where you can find high profile writers and their publication pages. Once you built up a good image over there, you will start getting attention from the community.  

And the first step in initiating a contact with other writers is by offering something good – appreciation in return.  

Comment on other author’s blog posts:

Interaction is always a good initiative to build a network. A habit of reading is the only resource a writer can have for creative writing. In the world of Internet where everything is online, famous writers have their own websites and contribute their valuable content regularly over there. Commenting on an author’s post can be a good way to initiate a contact with him. The best way to start a communication is by dropping a follow-up question or you can even ask something really useful referring to the post you are commenting upon.

Be a part of an online writing forum:

Online writing forums can be your another saviour when you want to find some answers and advice on different topics. Moreover, you can also post your questions and queries there to discuss with other writers. At these online writing forums, you will find a mixture of published and non-published authors along with some beginners also. So you can see a wide variety of perspectives for your proposed query.

Attend writers conferences, seminar and events:

Sometimes it is good to have a face to face conversation and get some time away from your computer screens to get some new and fresh ideas. The local writing seminars and events are a good opportunity that combines both learning and networking in a single day. Finding such events can sometimes be a tricky part but again Internet has everything. Simply search for local writing conferences in your area and you will find a list of local events that you can join.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to create a beginning framework for a kind of networking that is natural. Precisely, the more you put yourself out, the more natural and easy it will be to connect with others. Hence take it easy, take it slow, go out and make some friends.

Written by Karan Gulati

Karan Gulati is a self-motivated entrepreneur who founded Digital Heptagon in the year 2015. He is also a content strategist passionate about writing stuff for startups. His main areas of focus are digital business marketing, technology, and strategic decision making.

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