5 Best TV Remote Apps in Google Play

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I shudder to think of a world where remotes are practically non-existent, don’t you? We humans have the highest demands from our devices and gadgets wanting them to provide us with every single one of our specific needs especially when it comes to entertainment and leisure. One tool immediately associated with the remote is the television. These two devices have been partners since they were both first invented and have delivered an unbeatable combination that has garnered the most loyal followers.

That said, while the TV can function without the remote, the absence of its partner, does make it a lot less convenient. I doubt a lot of people would bother using the television as often as they do if they had to operate it manually most of the time. True enough, it can be incredibly troublesome to locate remotes when they get lost under the sofa, in between the cushions, and inside the pillowcases. This is the reason why traditional TV remotes have slowly been replaced by the more convenient and modern smartphone remotes which control your television and pretty much everything else in your home.

The great thing about using your mobile phone as a remote is that it’s always going to be with you. When you get home, you can simply turn on the app and start controlling the remote operated devices and appliances in the area. In the event that you do lose it, a simple phone call would solve all your problems regarding its location. It doesn’t get any handier than that which is why you need to get started using these applications today. I promise you, they will make your lives a whole lot better!

1. SURE Universal Remote

Definitely one of the best remote applications out there if the reviews have anything to go by. What makes it incredibly convenient is that it allows you to control via Wi-Fi. The application happens to be compatible with Wi-Fi to IR transmitters being sold in the market today. This way, you’d also be able to use the application via infrared regardless of whether or not your phone has that capability or not.

2. Twinone TV Remote

If you really aren’t into technology and have trouble using it then this would be the perfect remote application for you. It’d be perfect for your family members who aren’t that tech-savvy either. It has the simplest interface that literally anybody would be able to use. All the basic controls such as channel navigation, volume control, and the rest of the other functions are there, not to mention, an addition of other non-complicated features that are sure to make your viewing experience even more convenient.

3. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

With a simple interface and an incredibly easy to configure remote for pretty much all your devices (the television included of course!) it basically makes your life at home a lot less complicated. One of its standout features is that it automatically reduces the volume of the television when you get incoming calls and then returns them to normal as soon as the call is finished. Pretty great, right? You could definitely use this app to control everything from the comforts of your sofa, or better yet, your bed!

 4. Easy Universal TV Remote

The name really does says it all. It’s easy and universal making it an ideal TV remote application for your smartphone. The app can be easily connected to a variety of the most popular television brands. You will surely get an amazing experience with this application and how incredibly easy it is to configure. Like some of the other popular apps in Google Play, it also enables you to control your television via the Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, you may also use it by attaching an external infrared blaster to your smartphone.

5. Peel Smart Remote

TV addicts, your dreams have finally come true in the form of this application. I mean, where else could you get an app that allows you to turn your smartphone into, not just a remote, but a TV guide as well? By feeding it with information such as your cable provider and zip code, it’d be able to successfully extract a live programming schedule. That way, you’d know more about your favorite shows and movies as well as their time slots. You’ll know all the programs that are coming and what to look forward to.

Highly advanced remote applications can definitely guarantee you a much more convenient way to use the television and any other device in your home. But that’s not all! You can still take things up a notch by making use of quality Android TV boxes that would provide an even more favorable experience when watching TV. These tools will be able to satisfy all your specific demands in entertainment and leisure in the best possible way.

Written by Sagar Mandan

Sagar Mandan is HR of techssocial.net. He spends lots of time in writing. Apart from his profession he loves travelling and take cares about his fitness.

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