5 Biking Gadgets You Should Get

5 Biking Gadgets You Should Get

Around 100 million bicycles are manufactured all over the world every single year. They sure are popular and not just for transportation but sport and recreation as well. Still, in this age of computer and technology there is much more you can have on your bike than just a light and a bell. Some of the gadgets you can get are supposed to make you safer while riding while others are there to make the riding more fun. We have singled out the following 5 gadgets every biking enthusiast should get.

5 Biking Gadgets You Should Get

Turn Signal Gloves

If you have to share the road with automobiles when you are cycling, turn signal gloves are something that will make your ride safer, especially if you are riding in low-light conditions. With a pair of these, you can easily signal the driver you where you are going to turn. Lights on turn signal gloves are usually very bright, so they could be seen during both day and night. Turn signal gloves are washable, meaning that they do not need any extra care. Since they are waterproof, you can still use them even in you are riding on a heavy rain.

Heart Rate Monitor

Keeping an eye on your heart while riding is always a good idea. You can get a heart monitor quite cheaply and always have it with you while riding. Most of these are waterproof and offer continuous readings. Once you get one of these, you should make sure you check your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. Once you do that, you can use your heart monitor to create training zones. For example, when you are taking long and easy rides you should keep your heart rate at 60-65% of its maximum but when you want to train intensively you should keep it at 94-100% of its maximum.

Portable Generator

If you use your cell phone or tablet quite a lot, this is something you will definitely find interesting. You can get a portable generator that will turn your kinetic energy into the energy for one of your mobile devices. Portable generator gets attached to the bicycle axle and can charge any type of mobile device via USB port. Most of these are easy to attach and easy to use. You can also get a handle for your cell phone and be sure that all of the devices stand completely still while you are cycling.

Good Controller

If you cycle quite a lot, there are the chances your standard gear got quite used up and needs to be replaced. When searching for biking gear in 2016, you should make sure your look only for the newest pieces that have just hit a market. Such is the case with controllers. Modern controllers are not just more efficient but easier to use and better looking as well. If looking for one, you can turn to Nuvinci if you want to make sure you get the newest and quality controller.

LED Lights for Wheels

LED Lights for Wheels

Another gadgetry that can increase your safety while on the road are the LED lights that get mounted onto your wheels. There are built-in accelerometers which serve for lighting up the LEDs when facing the front or rear of the bike. When this happens, you get a 360 degree illumination that makes you highly visible from the side. Currently, there are LED lights only for road and hybrid bicycles with 27” wheels. Still, the LEDs for 26” bikes are supposed to hit the market quite soon.

All of these 5 gadgets are going to help you enjoy cycling more and make you bike look like a real machine. Make sure you stay on top of the trends and get the newest biking gadgetries as soon as they hit the market.

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