5 Free SharePoint Alternatives For Effective Collaboration

No matter, what kind of business you run, you’ll certainly need to streamline your business operations and processes to improve your productivity. One best way to do so requires effective collaboration between you and your team members. For IT professionals, Microsoft SharePoint serves as a cornerstone in increasing organization’s effectiveness by providing them with the needed platforms and tools essential for collaboration.

Sadly, not all of the business organizations can opt for Microsoft SharePoint as they cannot afford to purchase the expensive collaboration suite. Wondering what you should do? You can take up SharePoint consulting services to find alternatives to Microsoft SharePoint – that provide the same services as SharePoint program without making you spend a dime.

Through this post, I would like to bring to your attention some of the best free SharePoint alternatives. But let’s first understand what is SharePoint.

A Brief Introduction on SharePoint

When you’ll read about SharePoint in Microsoft Office website, you’ll find that SharePoint is a program (or a software) that help organizations create their websites. While this program is used in website development projects, it also serves as an Intranet server, giving businesses the ability to access, store, and share information among their team members. Besides this, the software helps to manage content and documents of an enterprise. These capabilities play a vital role in helping business organizations to boost productivity, and most significantly, heightens collaboration.

But, one major disadvantage of Microsoft SharePoint is its cost. It’s a well-known fact that the Microsoft programs are too expensive, but the cost of SharePoint is a lot more than other Microsoft programs. This is why start-up firms or smaller businesses often avoid using this software.




This is a well-known collaborative tool used for web development projects of small as well as medium-size enterprises. In essence, the tool is ideal for project management which includes handling complex projects to keeping a track of daily tasks.

What’s more? Irrespective of whether you’re having 10 projects or 20 projects in hand, Basecamp will help you view all of the projects in the same space. This makes it easy for you to share your work with multiple contractors (i.e. the ones working on your project) simultaneously.

Bitrix 24


Bitrix24 is not just a free alternative to Microsoft SharePoint, but also provide you with several amazing benefits over SharePoint. First off, it comes prepackaged with remarkably useful tools like CRM, group chat, video calls, group chat, etc. Most importantly, it comes loaded with a project management tool, giving you and your team the ability to handle the project needs effectively.

In addition, you can even access the Bitrix24 source code is available, and so it can be modified as per your project requirements.


Next on our list is Alfresco, a perfect collaboration product for businesses that helps them boost collaboration without making them pay anything in return. Using this platform, you can collaborate on many different documents and at the same time interact with your team members on the cloud and a few other on-premise environments. Alfresco helps you share business-critical information in a simple yet highly secured manner.

While the collaboration suite is free to use, you’ll have to invest to use their enterprise document management platform.



Plone is a modern Content Management System (CMS) that emphasizes on making it easy for the distributed staff of a business to interact with a website in real-time. Additionally, it enables them to update the complete website or just a few sections of it. The latest version of this CMS, Plone 4 offers better features compared to the previous versions.

In order to make collaboration possible, this CMS comes with a Sharing tab and the State menu, allowing you to share your content and have control over – how your team members accesses your content.

Nuxeo Open-Source CMS


Nuxeo is another open-source CMS and considered a great collaborative platform that help in providing everything needed for building a content-centric project. Though, you may find setting up this CMS and its interface a challenge at first, but once you become accustomed to it, a lot of your time can be saved for your projects.

The biggest benefit of using Nuxeo compared to other collaboration platforms is the excellent control it gives over managing your projects. It helps you control several aspects of your projects, and most importantly, it helps in categorizing your project tasks in an systematized manner with no need of using any commercial software.

Let’s Wrap Up!

There are many other alternatives to the SharePoint program available in the online marketplace, but finding the most suitable one can give a hard time to businesses. So, hope that reading this post will give you a fair idea of some of the best tools, you can use as an alternative to the Microsoft SharePoint software.

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Written by Juana Steves

Juana Steves is a sharepoint application developer by profession and is currently working with a leading sharepoint development company. She is an expert in developing sharepoint applications and writes articles for sharing her experiences.


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  1. I want to add proofhub as sharepoint alternative and its quite good. Bitrix24 is much confusing as I experienced you don’t need that much which bitrix24 offer. The only clock feature in it I liked most 🙂

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