5 Magento Extensions That Makes a Remarkable eCommerce Experience

The essence of any ecommerce solution is versatility and innovation which makes an impressive online business. Magento is one of the most leading and secure eCommerce business platform providers available in the current web market.

Magento extensions help a lot to build an ecommerce store with a plenty of features and functionalities and further adds more to its productivity. A general-purpose ecommerce platform, Magento has come up with extensibility, robust features, and is cost-profitable. Several online business persons prefer Magento to handle the extraordinarily extensible platform for customized ecommerce solutions as per their client demand.

Magento Modules and their types –

There are 3 distinct levels of Magento extensions that comprise – community, enterprise and go, a plenty of Magento Modules are also available –

Reward Point

Reward Point is one of the excellent Magento extensions that helps you boosts your target market. You can practically personalize your eCommerce store with this revenue booster Magento extension.

To add more functionality, you just need to install Reward Point Magento extension and then use it quickly with a simple configuration. Besides the smooth installation, it also enables you to target the necessities and demands of your buyers. While increasing the market horizon, it also assures improved advantages and buyer recognition. With this Magento extension called Reward Point, you and your shoppers both can avail great advantages to an ample extent.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Mobile Shopping Cart is a remarkable Magento extension which offers payment gateway modules that make sure the online purchasing and transactions are reliable and stable.

It accepts and supports all kinds of debit and credit cards. It helps to safeguard the personal financial data. Additionally, it helps you to obtain the mark of reliability, making your position strong and effective in the competitive web market.

Out of Stock Notification

Out of Stock Notification is one of the most promising customer experience that facilitates both the buyers and business owners to track the status the product stock.

With Out of Stock Notification, business persons can handle the supply of goods, and shoppers can expect the people’s choice of products. These features in turn among the buyers indirectly build the product trend.

Online Auction

Another leading and famous revenue driver Magento extension is Online Auction which allows the buyers to join the auction and bid for their choices. It absolutely supports business persons to lead in the competitive market by being a top choice.

Price Bargaining

The key reason why buyers shop online is to do shopping while saving their time and money. Accordingly, cost negotiation is the first provision which enables customers to obtain ultimate satisfaction, and with Price Bargaining, all eCommerce based on Magento facilitates this to a large extent. All clients like purchasing products at the best available price which they get either through comparing or bargaining. Price Bargaining Magento extension, assist you to be the favorite choice among your consumer once they are content with the bargain feature.


By implementing these above Magento extensions into your eCommerce online store, you get global recognition with a fantastic admin and user activity. With these extensions for your Magento eCommerce development, you get resources, freedom, flexibility, assistance, as well as everything, is at an affordable cost.

Written by Jagdish Prajapat

Jagdish Prajapat is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a white hat SEO evangelist at Baymediasoft. With 2 years of experience working in the field of development and digital marketing, he has technical as well as marketing skills to deliver valuable web solutions.

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