5 Major Benefits of SEO to Business

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Unlike other media platforms, which have had the changes in technology completely overhauling the marketing on these platforms, SEO and content marketing have experienced the opposite. Technological advancements have only helped to enhance this platform and its reach, and businesses have benefited from this.

Other benefits of SEO that businesses enjoy include;

1. Business Visibility and Branding

As much as ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is good, you are able to monitor search tends and results, and match them to your website. This way, the website keeps ranking at the top as your customers keep searching and altering search parameters. This makes them have trust in your products out of the consistent high rank.

2. Business Credibility

For many customers, continually ranking high in their search engine results credits your business as being approved by the search engine, and thus in their mind, knowingly or otherwise, they build an opinion of credibility.

3. Insight Into Your Customers

With advanced web analytic tools, e.g. Google analytics, you are able to track the traffic and have insights into how your customers search, what they search, technology used, their location, age bracket, gender, etc. This is very vital especially when you have products, services or content that is targeted at specific niches, either based on location, technology, age, gender, etc.

4. Control over the buying Cycle

With SEO, you are able to identify trends and through strategic use of keywords and specific content marketing, you are able to dictate a buying trend that suits your business, by posting content and search results that will influence your customers’ opinion. You are also able to increase your sales and revenue without necessarily increasing your marketing costs.

5. Leveraging on social networking

SEO plays a vital role in the success of social media sharing and marketing. These social platforms use keywords that match or are similar to SEO parameters e.g. title tags and meta descriptions.

These among other benefits have been the drivers of the continual growth and adoption of SEO by many organizations. There has also been an increase in SEO experts trained in various SEO approaches, who capitalize on the demand created. These experts are raking in a lot of money from organizations that have realized these benefits, but may not have the capacity to implement the SEO strategies.

Written by evanswalsh

Author Bio : Evans walsh is a social media professional who works at instamacro.com. In this article, he suggests some effective marketing strategies that can be applied through Instagram.

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