5 (Must Know) Tips to Improve YouTube Marketing

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Online videos are continuously flourishing. Companies, brands, and influencers are taking advantage of it, and the easiest way to do it is on YouTube. As more and more people are flocking to the site, about 35 hours worth of videos is uploaded every minute. So, you may be wondering how you are going to stand out from that big crowd.

Check below for information that can help increase YouTube views and get your channel up from the ground.

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I. Content

This is going to be the bread and butter of your channel. Why else would people go to your page if not for this, right? You may say, “Hey it’s as easy as sitting in front of the camera and talking, right?” Well, that is actually just a tiny part of it. Below are a few things you need to consider when creating your content.

1. Volume

Check the channels of your favorite YouTuber, and you will see that there a lot of content in there posted at regular intervals. You may notice that there is an increase in YouTube views once these vloggers increase the number of videos they post online. But of course, not just any video would do. As much as otters hugging each other or Huskies making cute noises are adorable, they will not be able to get your audience to click on the subscribe button and watch more of your videos.

Instead, do research and create content that is tailor fit to your audience needs. According to business strategist Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube success is finding ways to ensure that quality content beats plain content in search ranking. This means that your videos should be compelling and helpful to your target audience to get up the search ladder.

2. Consistency

Along with more posts in your channel, you must remain consistent. If you are not consistent, you will not have a loyal following. To help you and your viewers get a clear view of what your channel is for by setting the tone with the use of your introduction video. Explain the type of videos that you will be posting and how often will you be posting them.

Remember once you have shared this information with your audience, you must make sure to follow through. It is important that you remain on the radar of the online populace. Fail to make your presence known for a while, and you will be forgotten.

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II. Settings

You may have some grade-A content. Let say you are posting like a regularly scheduled program, but you can’t ensure an increase in YouTube views if you do not optimize your video settings and maximize the different features offered by the site.

3. Optimize your videos

There are two ways you can optimize your videos to increase YouTube views: (1) watch time and (2) mobile devices.

  • Optimizing your videos for watch time

Youtube’s system is now giving priority to videos that contribute to the increase of watch time than in views. If your audience decides to watch your videos and suggested videos multiple times, there is a higher chance that you’d be on top of the search rank.

A way you can optimize your video for watch time and increase YouTube views is by using compelling editing techniques to prolong and/or build interest in your current and other videos. The consistency of posting also plays into effect here. Create a playlist with regularly released videos to encourage your audience to check out sets of your videos instead of just one.

Make sure to keep an eye on YouTube analytics so that you can check what type of videos are able to keep the audience engage in the video.

  • Optimize your videos and playlists for mobile viewings

Most content in Youtube is watched through mobile devices instead of desktop computers. According to a report posted on Tubular Insights, the top 50 channels increased YouTube views and audience reach by 218% after including views from smartphones and tablets.

A way to tap into the smartphone audience is to consider the way you film your videos when viewed on mobile devices. For instance, you can try filming in a vertical format. This would give mobile users the ease of being able to watch your video without the need of rotating their screens.

4. Maximize YouTube Features

The site provides plenty of tools to increase YouTube views such as subtitles, annotations, and end-cards. So, don’t be afraid to use them. Here are some ways on how these features can help your channel:

  • Subtitles: This may not seem like that important to you, but people watch their videos without sound on sometimes. No matter how interesting your video may be if they can’t hear or see what you are talking about in the video, they would skip it and perhaps never get the chance to go back to it. Through subtitles, you are giving your audience another way to access the content of your videos. Easier access means more audience and will lead to increase in YouTube views.
  • Annotations: It important to engage your audience in your videos, and one way to get them to do that is through the use of annotations. You can put a link or another video and a playlist on your video. This gives your audience the chance to check it out without the need to search for it.
  • End- Cards: These usually appear at the end of the video, calling the audience to subscribe or click on another video that may suit their taste.

III. Engagement

Your audience is as important as your content. After all, they are the sole reason why you created the video in the first place. To keep them coming back to your channel, you need to make them feel as if they are part of your team.

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5. Make a connection

There are many ways you can connect with your audience; one way is through the comment sections. It is just right below your videos. You can use it to reply and encourage healthy discussions among each other. Make sure to take advantage of the new information you can get from the there.

You can also create response videos. If they are able to discuss in the comment area, then perhaps you can use some of the information they have shared for your next video. You are now building a community in your channel which will pull more people to share with you.

Another way to connect is by doing collaborations with other bloggers. You would be able to get fresh ideas for your content and also reach more people as there are now two or more of you promoting one video.


Remember that along with these tips and information; you must be as creative as you can be. Digital marketing is a fast paced environment; one that is always ready for changes and improvements.

Written by Katherine Lane

Katherine Lane is a Content Marketing Expert for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing — how to boost/buy YouTube views. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche. You can follow her on Twitter.

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