5 Persons That Decide When You Would Benefit

Try to imagine your business as a little farm with a comfortable villa nearby and all this visualization in a glass ball, which hold always the same five persons. They will hold it by stalking on it until it’s interesting and satisfying for them. Thus, the first thing that is up to you to do is creating a gorgeous appearance (social accounts and your web page design). Afterwards, you need to do your best with all this farm stuff, you know, raising vegetables, taking care of your animals and so on. That’s all about approving the title of your farm with the existence of the good product They need (improving your product by refining the quality, flexibility and accessibility). What can you do to grab those person’s attention? Maybe, wave your hands or glue all over the glass ball posters (advertisement, pop ups). Yeah, that might work but it’s always more recommended to know these people much closer, not from your comfortable zone. Just try to exit? the glass ball and individually observe them or maybe, research about them! Whether, ask questions as a little interview. Yeah, that’s sounds great. Isn’t it? Today, I will tell you about those people and you will know them much closer than before.

Who are these “persons”? What do they need from me?

Of course they are not the ones who control your business and the latter one does not depend on them. Even if they throw away the glass ball you would be able to continue your business. That means that knowing them better and satisfying their needs will help you to enlarge the opportunities and sales of your business. These persons are nor exact people but the representations of groups of people who you would rather know closer.

1. First person – Buyer Persona

This fictional person is a representative of your core customers. Or, saying more specifically it is up to you to create him by looking into your target audience. Buyer/costumer personas are the visualization of your ideal customers and perfect harvest you got after long period of ideal farming. By the way I have prepared a useful clue to help you create buyer customers in 15 minutes.

  1. Divide the conception of your product.

Make your product into separate groups by giving to each group a certain name describing the performance of latter one. Try to segregate your items as many times as possible to let the visitors of your web page have more possibilities in the industry of their choice.

  1. Create hashtags as the key words for already created names and make them available for visitors’ utilization.

  2. The first page of your Search section should conclude attractive photos of your items to help customers figure out they needs by clicking on them.

  3. Here is the most important part of this clue. What you need in this step are popups as a replacement of this photos. Firstly, to include additional information in photo and secondly, for giving you the opportunity to count the quantity of these clicks.

Back to our “life hack”. All in all, the quantity of the clicks of exact key words will help you to find out your buyer persona and try to do your best to satisfy him.

2. Second person – Negative Persona

Negative/exclusionary personas bring the opposite message to business owners informing them about these customers that they do not want to keep at all. It is not less important to identify them and try to satisfy even the ones that do not like your product or one of the suspects of your business. If you try to create a negative persona as well, you would come up with the greatest critic you ever had. That will let you to improve all your stuff and exclude all the questionable sections you have.

3. Third person – Your Lucky Competitor

What can you learn from a guy that does his job maybe better than you? Yeah, it is a really simple question with a not less simple answer – You should learn from him what to do! After having a little research on your lucky competitor you would come up with the same ideas that you might learn after a two-hour business lesson or practice!


4. Forth person – Your Hapless Competitor

Imagine a guy who try to make his own business with lots of money in his bank account but always fails and in every step done by him he loses a part of his resources. So, what can you learn from this kind of person? Even if you know that you are better and you would never do the same mistakes he has done. And even if you do not like the quote said by Groucho Marx:

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Even in this case you’d better do it. Learn from this fictional person what not to do!

5. Fifth person – Unhappy Customer

We are living in the informative century that provides as not only an opportunity to google ourselves every single thing we are interested in but also give our own little information pack due to social account or the exact sections letting us give a feedback to the already used products. As a fact, you would meet more Unhappy Customers’ posts in social accounts rather than happy ones. It is all connected with the fact that people are most likely to leave a bad feedback after trying bad product than a five star one after satisfying their needs. Unhappy Customers might write even about those mistakes that you have not noticed yet during your marketing strategy. That is why it is always useful reading their feedbacks and trying to make these people into core customers!

Written by borisharutyunyan

Blogger in Sygnoos Company

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