5 Ways to Create a Good Domain Name for Your Future Blog

5 Ways to Create a Good Domain Name for Your Future Blog

Every blog needs a name, and the process of choosing this name is very important. You could change your blog’s design, choose another blogging platform, reorganize everything – but your domain name will have to remain the same once you’ll become popular. Otherwise, people won’t be able to find it anymore and you’ll lose a certain part of your audience.

Moreover, domain name not only helps people find you but also actually stimulates your blog promotion. When a domain name is simple, catchy and easy to remember, readers won’t have troubles finding it online again and again and will notice your blog among many others.

Knowing all this it isn’t surprising at all that some people have troubles with coming up with a proper domain name. If you struggle with this too, I’m here to help you, offering 5 simple and easy ways to come up with a good domain name!

1. Personal name or business name?

Some people not only want to monetize their blog later but also already have a clear understanding of how exactly their business would look like. In that case, you can relate your domain name to your future business somehow.

It’s important to remember that your name and surname or your pseud can be used as a domain name, but only if it’s appropriate. For example, if you are your own business (for example, you are a fitness or a lifestyle coach, a photographer, a designer, etc.), you can name a blog after you. However, if your business is less personal and your blog is more related to a certain topic than to your lifestyle, you should try picking another kind of domain name.

2. Check out the competitors

It’s always good to understand how things work in this industry. That’s why try checking out the blogs of your competitors working in the same niche. This way you’ll have a clear understanding of how a blog name should look like and at the same time you’ll be able to avoid accidentally repeating certain domain name that already exists.

Moreover, even if you did your research but haven’t found any similar names, it is still wise to double-check everything. To do so, try googling a domain name you’ve picked and checking whether it’s available not only on Google but also on various social media in case you would like to create a Twitter account or Facebook page for your blog later. 

competitve-analysis-jpg3. Make it simple

Some bloggers advice to choose a foreign word for a domain name or pick it from a dictionary. Sure, this way you’ll be able to come up with an interesting and unique domain name. However, there are two important questions you might want to consider before choosing such name: will it say something to your readers and will it be remembered easily?

Even if your domain name is super-original, this still doesn’t mean that it will serve you well. It’s important for a domain name to be easily remembered and easy to type, and complex words don’t always meet such requirements. That’s why you should consider making it simple and easy to type. Of course, many simple names are often already taken, but you can always use hyphens to make it more unique. However, don’t forget about tip 2: if a blog with a similar name already exists in your niche, refrain from using it.

4. Do brainstorming

Not all bright ideas come first. Sometimes it takes the time to come up with something really brilliant. That’s why you should consider brainstorming. Take a pen and a piece of paper, sit and try to think of as many domain names as possible. Choose a number of words that are related to your niche and look appealing to you, try combining them, shortening them and so on. After you come up with at least 15 results, read them again and cross out the ones that don’t seem good to you. Maybe ask some friends for their opinion, maybe put this list away for a few days and return to it later. The whole process of coming up with a right domain name can take time but it’s definitely worth it.


5. Use special services

There are so many services that can help you to create a domain name for you basing on the main topic of your blog or on a few words related to it. I recommend using them as a last option because they don’t always generate good results. But if you feel stuck and out of ideas, you can use them – maybe they’ll give you a tip of some kind or maybe they will generate a really amazing domain name.

Another important thing that you need to remember is to avoid using any trademarks in your domain name. For example, if you want to start a blog about WordPress designs, don’t use actual word “WordPress” in a domain name as it can create legal issues. Shorten it to “WP” instead and everything will be fine.

I hope that these tips will help you to come up with an awesome domain name for your future blog!

Written by BattonsC

Christina Battons, writer and blogger, who specializes on topics about education, writing, blogging and likes to share with people my knowledge and ideas. Currently, I write for various blogs. You can see my other articles by clicking this link. Also, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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