5 Ways to Ensure Your Blog is Safe from Hackers


5 Ways to Ensure Your Blog is Safe from Hackers

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Your blog is obviously very important to you. Whether you are a professional who makes part of their living off of their blog(s), or you just write a personal blog to get your feelings out to the world, you would likely be devastated if something were to happen to it or some random hacker commandeered it for their own nefarious purposes. There are things you can do to help make you and your blog safer, however. Here are five tips for you to make sure your blog remains your blog.

1) Secure Your Email

There is a great likelihood that your email account is tied directly to your blog account, in addition to the way people might get in touch with you about your blog (for business or fan-mail), and should your email get compromised it might become very difficult to get your blog back, if it is even possible. It is for this reason that email security it paramount.

First of all, you will want to use as secure a password as you can think of so that other people cannot guess it or easily force it. A lot of bloggers might use an easy password that they can remember, but the time to invest in writing down (and keeping that paper extremely safe) a strong password or committing it to memory will pay great dividends to you in the headaches you won’t have when your email gets hacked.

Also, if you have a blog which you think will have a lot of email correspondence attached to it, it might be best to create a separate dedicated email address just for that. That way you minimize your losses should one of our two accounts become compromised. It will also have the added benefit of streamlining your emails for your blog, so you don’t have to scroll through to check which email is which. 

2) Frequently Change Your Passwords

Now for your WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, or other blog account that you use, you will want to be changing your password frequently. A good suggestion is doing so every two months or so at least, in order to keep people that might want in guessing. Do not make it the same password as your email or any other account you use online, and also try to make sure that it contains as many different types of characters as possible.

In addition, don’t tell anyone else your password for any reason, even to get in on their computer to do something quick. If you need to update something you can often set up blog posts to be released at a certain time, and most minor edits can wait. You can trust the security of your own computer if you do things right, but can you trust the security of someone else’s computer? 

3) Use a Virtual Private Network

The services of a VPN can be immensely helpful to a blogger, especially those who do not do most of their blogging from home. The very best internet security measures at home can often mean nothing if people are not prepared for the specific dangers of public Wi-Fi networks.

For those who aren’t sure exactly what a VPN does, it can be quickly summarized as a service that will create a closed-off tunnel between your computer and an outside private server that will access the internet for you. It will encrypt your data as it passes through the public network so that it will not wind up in the hands of hackers who like to lurk around public Wi-Fi networks and then scoop up whatever data passes them by.

In addition, for travel bloggers, this type of service is especially useful as it will allow you to jump around and bypass a great deal, if not all, of government censorship, allowing you to access otherwise blocked sites in countries such as China or Iran. Also, it will allow you to access services and websites that are normally blocked by region. That is something you want on your side along with the added security when you travel.

If you want to learn more about VPNs or need help picking one out, you might want to take a look at http://securethoughts.com/best-vpn/. 

4) Be Careful with Admin Powers

When you are handing out editing and administrative powers over your blog, you will really want to only pick people you trust absolutely and people you can hold responsible if something goes awry. Some blog sites or settings might not allow you to take back admin powers once they have been given, considering the other person an equal partner on your blog when you don’t necessarily want that to be the case.

Yes, sometimes other people can do it easier and better if you give them certain privileges on your blog, but it is not a privilege if you cannot take it away from people who abuse it. Think about taking that extra step to have others edit it outside the blog site for you to post later, or try to really do things yourself whenever possible. The lowered risk might just be worth it. 

5) Make Your Blog Look Great

While design and layout choices are ultimately yours and yours alone to make, maybe you should consider the design of your blog and consider how it might look to potential troublemakers. Does your blog give off an impression that it is well attended to and will be defended if attacked? Does it look like the writer has an easily guessed password? Consider your answers and think about a redesign if you do not like the answer. Try to make it look as good as it can, and pay close attention to detail.

This is brought up because many hackers who want to take over your blog are simply looking for sites to start spamming ads from. They are looking for quantity over quality or viewership and thus they will not want to put too much effort into getting a single blog, regardless of how nice it is. Think of a lion who would go after the weakest animal of the pack instead of the strongest, despite the strongest perhaps being a better meal if caught.


I hope these ideas help you in making your blog more secure, and that you have great success in writing down your ideas and sharing them with the world. Thank you for reading.

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