6 Benefits of Social Media For Your Website

Benefits of Social Media

Social media is not just for people to stay connected with their friends, family and communities, but also used by business owners to promote their brand with the consumer. Social media has spread his arms and has brought each of us under his control, as no one can stay without social media. Same follows with social media for business.

If your business doesn’t have social media, you are in the minority. The majority of business already knows the benefits of social media and if you don’t know the importance of social media for your website, then this article is a must read for you to know the 6 benefits of social media for your website

1. Increased Brand Awareness

When you are connected with social media, you get a huge scope to promote your brand. Social media is a place where each and every second a newbie join the race. So why miss a chance to get the opportunity to get an attention. It is also reported in many studies that the brand who is active on social media enjoy higher loyalty from their customer. Their customer always stays connected to the brand and always follow the brand new updates.

2. Provide Information About Audience/Target Consumer

It is very important for any website to know in depth about the audience. With the advancement of technology you have tools that can connect information about the percentage of men and women interested in your website. You can even learn their age and the language spoken among your social media audience. This vital information helps to set a campaigns and offer products as per your audience.

This can be even explained with an example, suppose your audience has a higher ratio of women than men and if you are offering men’s oriented products on some occasion. The result will be never good, you are not going to have high conversion ratios.

3. Instant Feedback from Consumer

The consumer now think social media are much better than live chat or help line number provided by the websites. They think that social media will provide them an answer faster than any other options. This change of consumer attitude to get a response from the brand owner or the website is also proven in the research by The Social Habit. The research says that, 32% of consumer expects a response within 30 mins, when they contacted a product, or a brand, or a company for their query on social media. On the other hand, 42% consumer expects a response within 60 mins. This figure must have surely made you realized that social media is really very important.

4. Competitive Analysis

If you are in the market, then you are not alone in the race. You have many other websites running in the race and wants to beat the runner running in-front of them. Social media will help you to keep an eye what the competitor is running. You can learn from them, if their campaign or post goes viral or if they got negative comments. You can even learn and adapt in different ways to stand out in the race and become a winner of the race.

5. Influence Search Engine Ranking

Social media marketing doesn’t just improve bonding with people, but also improve search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The statistic shows that 31% of all website traffic is driven through social media.The influence of social media on ranking can be explained as-

When you share your website (with links to your website) content in social media, many people share and link your post. This not only increases the share count, but also let consumer visit your website. If that post was liked by a new consumer, you can expect that the consumer will visit your website. Now a day, expert says that social sharing is the new way to build like for the website.

When you mention your brand in social media, it also rejects in your ranking. The consumer not only know about your brand, but also get connected with your website. You can increase your website organic search by properly boosting your brand name in social media.

6. Increases Conversions Ratio

Social media not only increase ranking, but also helps to improve conversion ratio. When you become socially active the humanization factor is added. This makes people feel that a real user is behind the brand is is listening to their needs. Over 51% marketers’ claims that if you take time to build relationship with consumers, it shows positive result in terms of sales. A study shows that social media has a 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing. It can be said that if you let your website or brand breath in the atmosphere where consumer like, share, talk about them, will help the website grow well in terms of increase in traffic and conversion rate.


These are the few major benefits which are discussed in the article. Social media has much more benefits than you can expect. So why you are waiting to add the benefits of social media into your business. Connect with relevant consumer to like and share your website social media page and make a online review section to know what consumer wants from you. With proper and consistent social media marketing strategy will lead to n number of benefits for your website.

Written by Ruquiya

Ruquiya Ansari holds a Master’s degree in Information technology. She is awarded a gold medal for being the topper in B.Sc(IT) . She is working with a software company as a SEO specialist. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles on Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology . In her personal opinion she believes in hard work and practice

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