6 Great Examples of Mesmerizing Tech Savvy Home Pages

You know what they say. Never judge a book by its cover. But this is the digital age, and people absolutely will judge a company by the home page of its website. This is especially true for technology-based companies who need to have mesmerizing tech savvy home pages.

You’ll be expected to not only be at the top of your game in your industry, but also to be able to create a killer website. This is even more important if your company works with any technology featuring a user interface.

Your home page should follow some basic guidelines that will make your site appealing and easy to navigate. It should feature appropriate, engaging images. Visitors should be able to easily find your contact information, social media and the next step in your conversion funnel. Your home page should always be well maintained and up-to-date.


Telerik creates tools for developing apps and user interface frameworks. Their home page makes that (and how well they do it) immediately clear by shouting it out in large, white lettering over an eye-catching video montage. This plays a big role in making this home page so effective.

Below the video, you see an easy-to-navigate list of the company’s various products. Scroll down further and you’re hit again and again with the company’s impressive credentials. The home page displays numbers of customers and developers using their products, awards won, customer service statistics and a list of their most high-profile clients.


Nod’s website greets visitors with an interactive image of its latest project, a virtual reality device. The futuristic device on a stark white background looks incredibly impressive, but it’s accessible as well. By placing your mouse over parts of the image, you can see what each part is and what it does.

Directly below this striking visual, a call to action invites you to sign up for the company’s newsletter. Introducing a call to action early like Nod did increases the likelihood of engaging with potential customers. The rest of the website is littered with calls to action as well amid more information about Nod and its products.

The site mostly sticks with the white background, but creates contrast with occasional bright blues and reds. This creates a visually appealing home page that also works hard to intrigue potential customers.

Nippon Bearing

Nippon Bearing’s website features a scrolling video with images and explanations of the company’s products at the top of the home page. The company uses this video to creatively explain what the company does, produce parts for liner motion in machinery.

Then directly underneath the introductory video is a search bar and links to important information, which makes it easy to navigate the website.

By combining innovate strategies for describing their products and simple navigation, Nippon Bearing’s home page engages potential customers.


Geckoboard’s home page is simple and attractive and prominently features important calls to action, which inspire customers to stay on the page and engage with the company.

Large, easy-to-read lettering over a pleasing background image explains what Geckoboard does. Directly below the lettering, buttons offer a free trial and a demo, which potentially bring customers further into the conversion funnel.

The page features plenty of quotes from satisfied users and examples of the company’s most impressive customers. This gives Geckoboard credibility. Links also provide more information about the effectiveness of Geckoboard’s business metrics software.


Apple is a company that is often praised for its beautiful, simple designs, a compliment that can be applied to the home page of the business’s website as well.

The bulk of Apple’s home page is taken up by a scrolling set of images of 3 of Apple’s latest products. These images are presented in Apple’s usual sparse in both color and text but all-around very striking style. The images are all clickable and take you to more information about the products.

Apple’s style is simple but effective and engaging. It quickly gets you to information that clearly explains each product and presents options for purchasing.


When you visit Pingdom’s home page, the entire screen is taken up by video of Pingdom’s website monitoring products in action. Large, easily readable text explains what the company does and a bright green button invites you to take part in a free trial.

The first thing you see on the home page draws you in. Then you see some credentials, more information and finally purchase and contact information. Pingdom’s website follows a logical but effective pattern in displaying information to the user. They do this in an easy-to-digest and visually pleasing manner.

These 6 home pages are engaging, useful and beautiful all at the same time. They provide great examples of what a website for the tech industry should look like and how it should intrigue and engage customers.

Written by lexie

Lexie is a designer, writer, and coffee lover. She writes about trends in the web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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