6 Reasons Why The Year 2017 Will be Gobbled by The HTML5 Version!

Do not remain stagnant, move ahead and get the best of both worlds – this is what encourages the emergence of newer versions over a definite period of time. The evolution of the HTML began from XML (Extensible Markup Language ) that has now reached up to HTML5. The journey so far had been enduring and the future of HTML looks alluring for all the web developers. HTML5 being the recent debutant of the HTML versions exhibits some of the grown-up features that is sure to equip the year 2017 vigor and valor.

Let us have a look at some of its promising features that have laid new foundations for the web developers.

1. The new structure:

It is all about the ‘newness’ factor that perfectly defines the HTML5 version. The new version has brought along with itself a new element that gives importance to web page structure. A web page has different categories like the header, body and many such small attributes that comprises a well-functioning page. The structure feature helps in concentrating on the structuring of the element so that there not a single section of the web page is left out.

2. Browser compatibility:

The HTML5 version very well gets recognized in modern browsers that include Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and all such browsers that have debuted in recent years. Moreover, you can teach the older browsers to understand the new elements that the HTML5 has in store.

3. Way to making responsive websites:

With the world adhering to the concept of being responsive, the number of developers opting for a PSD to HTML5 conversion policy to create a dynamic website has increased considerably. The new level of Cascading Style Sheets – CSS3 has opened doors for responsive website designing using the ‘Media Queries’. The CSS3 in the world of website creation has gone a long way in creating some of the best and most adorable websites.

4. The Media Support:

Gone are the days where the developers had to rely on third-party tools for injecting and supporting audio contents in the websites. The HTML5 is all up with the <audio> elements that encourage the input of audio content with much ease and tranquility. Just like the audio content, HTML5 also encourages the use of video content without the help of a plugin. You can easily use the video codecs that encourages the use of videos in the website creation process.

5. Editing made easy:

The new HTML5 has this element where they encourage the users to edit the content – where they can add or delete the content as per their requirements. The ‘contenteditable’ attribute notifies the browsers to enable the editing option to all the web users. In this way, you can facilitate the users to customize the page in the way they want it to be viewed.

6. The Local Storage:

Earlier the application data were stored in cookies before the invention of HTML5. Now, the newer version, HTML5, encourages the storage of data locally within the user’s browser without any complications. The new facility of the local storage is deemed to be more secure and has a huge space for storing all the information without disturbing the performance of the website.


These and much more features have been added to the HTML bucket where the developers are pouring out the most desired features to create something more unique and distinct in nature. The PSD to HTML5 conversion is gaining the maximum number of users with the advanced version of HTML creating a niche in the technical world. 

Written by Shubham Tiwari

Shubham is a highly motivated digital marketing consultant and a pro blogger by heart. He loves writing about web promotions, mobile marketing, e-commerce solutions and so on. With his skills, knowledge and go-getter attitude, he helped 100+ domains to grow online.

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