7 Effective Tips to Boost App Downloads in 2017

Congratulations! You’ve designed your first mobile app; it’s innovative, fully functional, easy to use, and you think it will get an immense popularity. But, your expectations will be soon collapsed with a significant number of apps available in the online marketplace. In this highly competitive digital world; success may not come from immediately. Developing an app is just a tip of an iceberg, marketing your app and gaining loyal users through downloads will win the real battle.

Today, the Google Play and Apple’s iTunes grow by over thousands of apps every day, means the competition for downloads is very high. In order to come up with a successful app and boost the downloads, you will need to be very creative. You’ll need to update your strategies and think out of the box to get the real success. There are several ways to market your newly-launched mobile app and boost the downloads.

Before you choose an app builder and start the development process, let’s have a look at the most powerful strategies to increase mobile app downloads:

Announce it in advance

It is one of the most significant steps that must be taken before the launch. You should inform your user that you’re going to launch an app which is in a development phase. Don’t forget to reveal some exciting features that will boost the enthusiasm among users. Moreover, engage with your target audience and let them know how the development process is going on. Don’t forget to grow your email list and followers on various social media platforms.

App Description

Don’t forget to provide a good, long description of your app while putting it up in the marketplace. Here, you need to consider some significant things:


Your app description should be localized in most popular languages viz. Spanish, French, Chinese, or Korean. Google Play comes with an amazing feature that allows you to do the translation automatically while using Google Translate. Though some translations do come up strange, so don’t forget to double check Google’s work.


Your description must have particular keywords you’re going to target with your mobile app. You can find out the search volume of your keywords through Adwords Keyword Tool. You must use lateral keywords that will boost your app’s ranking in the search results. Remember, the description should be relevant, and you must not use too many keywords. Try to keep it balanced.

Make a Video

Proving a tutorial video is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It makes it easy for the users to understand the features and working of your mobile application. You can find several online or offline video editors that will let you create an amazing video. Or, you can hire a professional video editor that will provide you with a professionally-created video in a short time frame.

CPI Burst Campaigns

Another most powerful strategy is CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign that will engage users to install your app. You will need to pay a specific amount of money for each download. Remember, your motive is to make your app rank high in Google Play and Apple App store. A well-planned CPI Burst Campaign can really help you boost the downloads.

Limited Discounts

It’s not a bad idea to provide your mobile app at half price or free for a particular period of time. Combine this offer with a CPI campaign, and share the offer with your followers and email list. You can also find a wide range of apps that can help you promote your discounted app.

Keep your eyes on the user

It’s necessary to track the user’s behavior. The analysis will help you make your app and services better. From download to app deletion, a reliable app analytics will provide you with the ability to compare the performance of multiple apps. Some of the most popular analytics are Google’s Universal Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Countly, Localytics.

Use a cover image for Google Play

Most business persons and developers forget to do this easiest yet most effective things. You must create a cover image of your app. A cover image can engage the users and boost downloads. Try to make it unique and impressive. Avoid using the screenshot.

Ask for Reviews

Don’t forget to ask for reviews from the users. If you start drawing positive feedback from users, you will see your downloads boost exponentially. You may be persuaded to buy fake reviews to boost the downloads. But if play store finds that you are using this strategy, you might have your app suspended soon. Remember organic reviews from real users are far better than fake ones because you as the business owner can learn from it as well.

Reviews will not only provide a possible audience with an understanding of your app but also inform you about the significant things that need to be fixed or improved.

All these 7 effective tips will help you boost your app downloads. Some of these tips quite hard to implement, so you really need to have a dedicated team. With a proper plan and strategies, you can come up with a successful mobile app.

Written by GauravPrabhakar

Gaurav Prabhakar is an enthusiastic writer & filmmaker. New trends & technologies inspire him to write engaging articles and blogs. He keeps himself up-to-date with the advanced web and mobile technologies.

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