7 Must Have Technologies for Modern Marketing

7 Must Have Technologies for Modern Marketing

If you just started your marketing of your site or business, you may be surprised at how much it has changed the last 5 to 10 years.

Some of the things that are available today were not around even 5 years ago.

The technological advances have proved to be a great advantage to marketing but you have to understand how to use those technologies to make them work for you. For more on understanding, these advances read the following Technology-Driven Marketing.

The Top 7 Technologies

1. CMS this is a must have tool today unlike when it first came out and it was a nice to have for most people who were doing marketing.  Make sure when choosing a CMS that it meets not only your immediate needs but those of the future; think of the goal of your business in 5 or 10 years as well. Look for good support and talk to customers to find out how good it is as well as how good the support is. Also, check to make sure there are plugins for further functionality.

You want to make sure that you can do a blog if you wish, a website, and so on. All of those functions should be either in or supported with plugins in the CMS you choose. If it has ease of use, is able to scale, is flexible, and offers good support; along with information you got from talking to people who use it then you can be assured it will work for you for the next 5 or 10 years to come.

2. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is another must. It is important for sales success and understanding where those sales are coming from. This will allow you to change what isn’t working, tweak what needs to be tweaked in order for it to work better. It can help you manage your relationships with leads and customers, standardize customer data, and conduct forecasting. However; to truly get the most that this platform can offer you must implement it with MAP as well. By integrating the two you can better support sales and marketing as well as better discernibility between each.

3. Marketing Automation Platform or MAP is used to generate better and more competent leads, improved engagement with potential customers and customers, trace campaign performance and analyze results, as well as allow for making more informed decisions to enhance future campaigns.

4. Web analytics this is a major key to understanding user behaviors as well as the things that are working on your and those that are not; also where the traffic comes from and how to tweak and fix these things.

5. Social Media Platforms as it continues to rise as one of the most popular ways to communicate it has become a very important marketing channel to be used.  This can be used to seamlessly manage observing relevant actions, adding to the conversation thread with the proper message at the correct time. It also will help automate outreach to make certain a steady discussion and trace data to deliver insight on how well your campaign is doing and areas in which you can improve on going forward.

6. Account Based Marketing this simply is more focused tactic on who you approach. With ABM instead of just throwing your content on to the world to see who if any responds you go after a specifically targeted audience base. These are better suited to use for attracting large companies.

7. Video Marketing Tools since content no longer just means written text it also encompasses video and graphics, video marketing tools are a must. VMT should help you fulfill three key goals: a site to host and share your videos, tracking metrics to analyze their effectiveness and converting viewers into leads.

11 Bonus Tips


1. Buzzstream –aids marketers in building lists and tracking communication with media placement prospects.

2. Sprout Social –allows marketers to manage social media position, issuing, and analyzing with a range of useful capabilities.

3. LordofPapers – content writing service.

4. Marketo – this delivers marketing automation as well as lead organization for businesses.

5. LoyaltyWorks – this designs and runs online, a points-based loyalty reward and sales incentive program.

6. TapInfluence – makes it easier to connect brands with influencer and marketers to stimulate their content online.

7. Zoomph – this recognizes relevant social media trends and people in real time.

8. Clicktale –a customer experience analytics program which offers website hotspots, conversion funnels, session playback, and form analytics.

9. Google Analytics –helps you trace your overall website traffic, as well as specific marketing goals.

10. Dropbox –allows you to organize, share, and store files so that they are available to all team members.

11. CoSchedule –a drag-and-drop calendar allowing you to schedule marketing, blog, and social content.


It is important to understand the newest technologies that are available for marketing and put them to use to make a better marketing campaign.

It is also wise to stay atop of the trends of new technologies being released for marketing so that you can test them yourself as soon as they are available which allows you to have a step up on the competition. For further reading on ways to promote your business and marketing campaign read this article.

By staying informed and on top of the technologies that are available and putting them to use you will find your marketing plan to be much better than it has been and bring better results than it ever has for you.

Written by michaelharred

Michael Harred is a writer, who contributes to the national Florida Review and the university magazine Cypress Dome. He also writes for 15 Views of Orlando.To find more about Michael – check his Twitter and Facebook

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