7 Online Services You Should Pay For A Subscription

7 Online Services You Should Pay For A Subscription

There are so many online services offering resources and entertainment that you might be in trouble trying to decide which one you should contract.

So here is a list of the best of the best, so you can create your essential kit, and never feel like an outsider again.

#1 – Netflix

Netflix is so popular that it got its own slang. It is one of the most popular online services in the world and a lifesaver to anyone who is looking for something to do during a boring rainy evening. The addicted to TV shows will also love their collection and be delighted by their exclusive shows, such as Narcos e Marco Polo. The pricing is also great, under US$ 10. Just be aware that Netflix catalogue can be different from country to country.

#2 – Amazon Prime

If you are regularly shopping at Amazon, you should consider joining Amazon Prime. This service will upgrade your delivery time for no extra cost so that you can enjoy your new purchases after only two days. It also comes with several great and exclusive shows, such as Orphan Black and Veronica Mars. Unfortunately, they don’t have a vast movie library just yet, but Amazon Prime will also give you free Kindle access.

# 3 – Dropbox

With our lives running so fast and at many places at the same time, it is essential to have access to our most special files anywhere we are. Plus, keep a backup in the cloud is an additional and safer way to ensure that you won’t lose anything if your hard drive makes a turn to the worst. Considering this, a service like Dropbox becomes essential to anyone looking for a reliable service that can be sync across many devices.

It offers you 2GB free of charge and comes with several sharing and collaboration tools, but you get the best of it when you sign their Pro service. Your data allowance will go up to 1TB; you will be able to share any file with anyone, no matter the size or of the person has Dropbox or not; and you will be allowed to set passwords and expiration dates for shared files.

# 3 – Evernote

Never lose any note again with Evernote. This powerful app will help you to save, organise, and find any kind of notes you want. You can use it to take pictures of it and then keep them in folders, or capture web pages, links, and more. Their advanced search engine can also search for words in images, even though handwriting. But some cool features are available only for free.

Their Plus service will allow you to send emails straight to Evernote and let the app help you to save it directly into the right folder and to access your notes offline, plus 1GB of storage per month and you can sync it with as many devices as you want  (the free version has only 60 MB and sync through two devices). Want more? Then go Premium and get  10GB per month, search for text in PDFs and Office docs, browse the history of your notes, and much ore.

# 3 – Spotify

If you are serious about your music, you should subscribe Spotify Premium. Their free version will give you basic features full of ads and limitations, so you are bound to get annoyed and go for the premium service. The paid plan will allow you to listen to your favourite songs offline, play songs on demand, and listen to your favourite albums even before they have been released.

Spotify library has a collection of more than 20 million songs, but not only music lovers can enjoy it. They also have a decent selection of audiobooks, speeches, poetry, comedy, radio shows, and more. And you can also get a Family Plan and share the monthly US$ 14.99 subscription with six more people to make it even cheaper to you.

# 4 – LinkedIn

The professional platform is a crucial resource for anyone looking for a job, looking to contract someone, or trying to invest in networking. LinkedIn free account will give you the opportunity to create your profile, read Pulse updates, and participate in groups where you will find out the top website pages in your industry, but you will be missing the most important resource they have: the ability to send a message to anyone you want, even those you aren’t a connection yet.

LinkedIn has different plans depending on your goals. As a job seeker, you will get five inMail credits which will allow you to contact any recruiter you want; see how you compare to other candidates; and your profile will be moved up to the recruiters’ list, for instance. It worthies every cent for sure.

# 5 – Vimeo

It is OK if you still upload your videos to YouTube for Search Engine Optimization purposes, but if you are serious about your work, you should consider using a Vimeo paid plan instead. You will be able to replace your file without changing the URL and your portfolio will look much better with custom templates.

If you need to offer restricted online access to your videos or want to create a password, it will be as easy as you could have hoped. You can also get team collaboration and the ability to sell your videos online and worldwide.

# The bottom line

Many people still think that everything on the internet should be free of charge. But the truth is that if you want a better service and more quality, you will have to pay for it, as it costs money to produce and maintain the services.

So check the options above and see which one has the best solution for you. And you will be happy to see that they are all very cheap compared to their cost-benefit, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Written by DiBeyer

Diana Beyer is experienced and self-driven media expert. Her purpose is to share values amid those interested. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth.

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