7 Powerful Instagram Tools For Your Rock Solid Business Strategy

7 Powerful Instagram Tools For Your Rock Solid Business Strategy

If you think Instagram is more than just a casual pastime, then you are wrong. It is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for brands and businesses all over the world. Having more than half a billion active users, it has created huge opportunities for firms to get new customers and make their products displayed.

Using various tactics like reaching out to influences and running Instagram ads are great as well as effective. However, without the right tool, it’s hard to get the results that you are really looking for.

Tools For Enhancing Your Brand Awareness And Business

The most important aspect of having a great Instagram presence is adding stunning and attractive visuals to your feed which clearly communicates the value of the product as well as the identity of the brand. The following are some of the major tools you can use to make your Instagram profile active –

Adding Stunning Visuals

1) Snapseed

One of the best photo editing applications which provide the option to fine-tune your pictures is the Snapseed. The default filters of Instagram edit the whole image at once. But Snapseed allows you to apply the effects you want with a brush, making sure that the details of each photo are perfect and clear.

Another major feature of Snapseed is its Stacks. It allows you to save the groups of filters as a template. You can apply these Stacks to photos which you are going to use in the future, thereby providing your whole feed a consistent look and saving your precious time.

2) Social Insight

Social Insight is one of the best tools that give in-depth analytics of any Instagram account. You can use it for various accounts. This web-related application allows you to monitor engagements, interactions, follower’s growth and more.

One of the key features of this tool is that it informs the best time to post your content. Based on the post history and account engagement, you can post your Instagram pictures. Furthermore, you can link various Instagram accounts as you like and then easily switch among their analytics. Each month, the team at Social Insight brings out brand new tools and features in this application.

Social Insight


Previously, the default filters of Instagram were considered the bleeding edge of mobile photo editing. But now VSCO has become the reigning champion of creating and developing extraordinary photos on the go.

Being a part social media network and part photo editing platform, the VSCO is at the heart of all Instagram strategies. This tool has in-depth and advanced editing suite. Also, it contains a slew of high quality and default filters which take the photos of your smartphone to a new level.

The VSCO is available on both Android and iOS version and contains huge library of filters, thereby providing you with endless potential to customize your pictures.

4) Crowdfire

If you are looking for an app that makes it easy to manage and increase the number of followers on Instagram, then try the Crowdfire. It is both an iOS/Android app and web-related application. You can use this awesome tool to tidy up your followers and quickly follow other users who might be interested in your services as well as products.


They are various innovative features of Crowdfire. One is that it immediately unfollows those users who don’t follow you back. Also, it tracks users who follow the Instagram account which you specify. You can view the list of users who are following you, especially the ones whom you don’t follow. Plus this tool provides you with the list of any new followers who are following you.

5) Afterlight

This is a photo editing application which boasts of having a default set of 78 textures, 74 filters, and 128 frames. Also, it provides you with tons of various options for tweaking the photos right off the bat.

Besides that, Afterlight contains 15 varieties of tools which are used for adjusting and editing pictures until you feel it is perfect. With its straightforward and sleek design, Afterlight is a must-have and easy to use tool to make your Instagram photos pop.

6) SocialRank

If you are on the lookout for an amazing method to dive into the demographics of your followers, then the SocialRank app is a perfect choice. With this tool, you can smoothly get your brand advocates, valuable followers, and various influencers. In addition, they provide various ways to splice the data.

One of the key features of this app is that it identifies and pulls out the profiles of your followers. Also, you can organize the followers and their profile through the sorting and filtering method with this tool.


Furthermore, you can create and manage the custom lists of followers, get it saved on SocialRank and export it to Twitter or a CSV file. With this tool, you can break down the demographics of your followers in a fluid and simple way and even view them.

7) Boomerang

This is a tool which is developed by Instagram. The Boomerang app helps in creating a one-second fun and long videos sans audio. Frankly, it creates very short GIFs which loop back and forth. Of course, it sounds quite silly, but you will be surprised to know that the results are eye-catching and funny. Thereby it is the perfect for making the casual scrollers stop and check out your Instagram profile.

One of the interesting aspects of using Boomerang is that you require little-to-no thought for creating something which seems great. As the videos of Boomerang don’t need any dialogue or plot, you just need to capture the vibe of every single moment and hit the share button.

Winding Up

With the right tools in your arsenal, you can easily ensure that your brand, as well as business, gets the required results. So go ahead and start taking beautiful photos and make them more interesting and amazing with the tools described in this article.

Just keep in mind that not all the tools will bring the desired results. First, check out what your goals are and based on it select the perfect tool to enhance your brand and business.

Written by Sandra Christie

Sandra Christie is a social media writer at iDigic.net who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. Her articles predominantly focus on social media marketing and are widely followed by readers from all over the world.

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