7 Ultimate Plugins For Adobe Illustrator – Save Your Time With Streamlined Workflow

With the rigorous affords we brought to you 7 Ultimate Plugins For Adobe Illustrator as the efficacy of the Adobe Illustrator is absolutely ultimate that helps create astonishing effects and innovative designs with a greater proficiency. The software is quite popular across the globe for generating outstanding vector graphics. Although one has to learn the basics of the tool before getting started, but once learned, he can easily design creative layouts.

Like most of the other frameworks, the Adobe Illustrator also supports plugins that can help boost its performance and expedite the workflow. Fortunately, there are several plugins available that can enhance your productivity while ensuring a surefire result. Thus, it would be worth pondering into the best plugins that can scrutinize the workflow by extending the capabilities of Illustrator and thus, help you create a desired design in a minimal time.

Let’s distill the amazing Adobe Illustrator plugins for your consideration.

1. Starburst

Whether you want to design a rounded star, a warped star, a sharp edge star or anything else, Starbust plugin is great for making embossed artworks and multi-dimensional star effects. It features tilting and multi-star function, and supports different starbust forms. You can easily use this plugin and create embossed stars, abstract strabust color, etc., via its many star stroke and fill settings. Moreover, the plugin also facilitates one to design scratchy burst, and hand drawn burst with a flair.

2. Concatenate

Created by Rick Johnson, Concatenate plugin allows one to easily connect two or more distinct paths into one path. The best thing about this plugin is that it offers complete freedom to users to decide how close the endpoints of two paths should be and precisely describe that how close it should be to the tangent. The Assimilate and Connect attributes of this plugin make it stand apart from the other plugins in the same category.

The Assimilate function helps identify and concatenate any non-selected paths that exist within a certain distance from a particular point. And, the Connect function inserts line segments for connecting the selected open paths.

3. Phantasm

Undoubtedly, Photoshop offers an outstanding control over color. If you want to have the same experience while working with Illustrators, this plugin can enable you to efficiently make a color choice and design with a breeze. The plugin is designed to augment your creative workflow. Since, it is compatible with another plugin – Stylism, a better control and flexibility can be guaranteed. The plugin offers a plethora of functions, including Vector Halftone, numerous effects and filters, and controls for both common and advanced colors. You can use its 14 day trial to analyze its performance before investing your valuable money in this plugin.

4. SymmetryWorks 6

You can proficiently repeat patterns created by the drawing tools in Illustrator and then it can be tweaked to make the pattern grow appropriately. Once you are done with it, all the patterns can be saved as swatches. The LivePresets then enables designers modify and edit these pattern swatches and symbols via a function – live edit. The latest version of this plugin offers an advanced way to automatically create patters; for instance, in simple geometric transformations, users can even insert color reversals. The plugin delivers great performance with pleasing patterns and designs.

5. ColliderScribe

Efficiently and quickly arrange various shapes with this proficient tool and create smooth and clear design patterns with a breeze. This simple yet prolific toolset allows one to precisely organize different shapes in desirable patterns and formations with utmost ease. The absolute functions offered by this plugin make it a fabulous choice for designers. It facilitates several blissful tools, including Snap to Collisions tool, Offset function, and Rotate to Collision tool that allow one to create patterns within a few mouse clicks.

6. AutosaviourPro

AutosaviourPro is an excellent plugin that can save your time and help you work flawlessly to deliver remarkable results, while facilitating a crucial safety net to your project. It comes complete with a Panel that displays the vital info about a project on the screen, and all the failed attempts and delayed saves are represented in red to notify the designer. The plugin helps keep your work safe and secure with numerous resourceful functionalities like annotation feedback, multiple backups anywhere, autosaving background document, autosaves independent backups, and a lot more.

7. MultiPage 4

This simple plugin is a quite usable and effective for creating ravishing design patterns. To configure the effect of multipage documents in Illustrator, you will need to implement layers along with its own palette; users can even use the master pages. This handy plugin is available at an affordable price.


These seven are the handpicked Adobe Illustrator plugins that are popular among the designer community for their utile offerings. You can choose any of the aforementioned plugins that best suit your project needs and deliver an incredible design patters. I am sure that these plugins will accentuate your productivity without compromising on the design quality.

Written by Amanda Cline

Amanda Cline is a web developer who has helped companies gain momentum with their small and large scale projects. She is currently working for Xicom Technologies Ltd, one of the top most company in developing mobile application.. she has also written interesting and informative articles on Custom Software Development, Web Application Development etc.

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