8 Online Tools To Create Engaging Business Presentations

Business presentations are a big deal. You want to stand out when you are trying to persuade your clients, motivate your employees, or engage a public audience. And all that you don’t want is that technology comes in the way.

Thankfully, several online services can help you to create and manage cool business presentations. Some of them are paid services but they worth it. Other are free of charge and still worth it.

So the point here is having a look at what is available. Then try to decide which one meet your current needs and expectations. You will certainly find something that will help you to shine in front of your audience. 

# 1 – PowerPoint Online

So let’s start with the traditional, basic and all-time winner. PowerPoint is the Microsoft Office tool for creating presentations that haven’t got old yet. Many people won’t even bother trying to use anything else, thanks to its intuitive, simple, and straight-forward solution.

Prove of it is that, since its creation, Microsoft hasn’t added many new features to it, as everybody seems happy with the way it is. And as you are looking for an online tool, don’t worry. You can also have basic access to PowerPoint online with your Microsoft account.

# 2 – Prezi

With testimonials from TED, Verifone, Box, Discovery Channel, and other giants, Prezi has become a must try when it comes to creating and managing online presentations. With Prezi, you will leave slides in the past. You will adopt open canvas to generate an interactive presentation in storytelling style.

You will be able to zoom your visuals in and out and access your material across devices as they will be cloud-sync. But you can also present it offline. There is an extensive library of resources to get you started. And you can use Prezi for free if you don’t mind making your presentations public – or you choose one of the subscriptions plans for privacy control and extra features.

# 3 – Projeqt

Projeqt will allow you to create “alive” presentations. And by “alive” they mean that your creation will never be out to date or static. How do they do it? By letting you add live tweets, blog feeds, and other social media posts, so to keep your presentation with a breaking news feeling. Plus, you can also use add resources, such as interactive maps, audio notes, and stream videos. And you can link presentations together as if you were creating layers.

Your presentation can also be created and managed across devices, and their dashboard is simple and intuitive, using well-known drag-and-drop tools. You can also upload content and convert PowerPoint files, PDF documents, and others, so to create your Projeqt from them.

# 4 – Pow Toon

Would you like to create an animated presentation or video for free? Then test Pow Toon. This online tool has been used by Cisco, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, eBay, Pfizer, and provides ready-made templates created for several business situations. Because it is so easy to use, their “drag and drop” solution let you create a presentation with the professional standard in a question of 20 minutes. Still, they offer live webinars and plenty of resources at their training centre in case you need any help.

You can create videos up to 5 minutes for free on Pow Toon but with no commercial rights upon your creation and without download feature. To create longer videos and more, you will need to sign up to one of their monthly subscriptions. The paid plans also come with more royalty free music and styles, plus HD download.

# 5 – authorStream

You can upload and share presentations with authorStream, as long they are up to 1GB and have been created with PowerPoint, Keynote, or they are in PDF format. Then you can share your work publicly or only to whom you choose, by using a unique presentation URL and a passcode. You will also be able to join their community so you can have access to other presentations and get inspired.

Your presentations can be shared via email or posted on social media, or embed in your blog or sites, or converted into HD or non-HD videos. Other features include a lead capture form, performance trackers, and channels creation. And you can get started with a free or premium plan (for an add-free experience and extra features), billed either monthly or annually.

# 6 – Visme

Visme offers a library with over 1000 templates and has specialised in turning boring data into beautiful and easy-to-understand presentations, reports, infographics, and more. And its quality has been proved by the fact it has been adopted by more than 400k businesses, professionals, educators, and non-profits from over 50 countries, including Microsoft and Symantec.

Visme comes with full privacy control, so you can decide if you want to make your content public, private, or password protected. You can also add video, voice over record, and control playback to your presentation, plus share it on social media, embed on your website, or just download it for offline use.

# 7 – Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck will remind you what you can do with PowerPoint but better. This online service works on the web, plus on iPhone or iPad, and provides you with a broad range of templates, fonts, and image filters that will make people think that a graphic designer has created your presentation for you.

Regarding images, you will have access to over 40 million free creative common images. All pictures will look great on any screen, so you will be able to say more with fewer words. And if you are happy creating only three presentations and leaving them public, you can use Haiku Deck for free. But if you want more, there are paid subscriptions with 7-day money-back guarantee.

# 8 – Essay Supply

But if your concern is with the writing part of the presentation, then it is time for you to look for an online writing service, such as Essay Supply. It can help you to write content for scratch, or re-write, edit. Also, this site will help to proofread  it for you, depending on what you need.

You will be able to talk directly to the writer assigned to you and check their skills and portfolio. There is no need for upfront payments, and you will be allowed to follow each step of the process. They also offer a money back guarantee and all confidentially you need.

In Conclusion

So here are seven online tools that can help you to create and manage engaging business presentations. Some of them are free of charge, others are paid for extra features, but they all deliver what they promise.

What you need to do now is to find out which one of them is best for your needs. And you should let your imagination run free. Just rest assured that these tools will certainly help you to captive your public’s attention, no matter if they are potential clients, employees, or a general audience.

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