8 Tips for Creating Content that Increases Conversion Rate

Content is king, of course, but not all content is created equally. There’s just so much content out there that it’s hard for most new marketers to compete. A lot of it is purely self-promotional or entertaining. Most content isn’t really effective at driving conversion. Getting visitors is not the same as getting sales and increasing conversion rate.

To create content that drives conversion you need a strategy. Here are 8 tips for creating the sort of content that not only captures attention but also drives action.

1. Get To The Point

It’s no secret that people have limited attention spans. If you want to drive conversion the most important thing to do is to create content that delivers value immediately. That means creating content that delivers 90% of the message in the first paragraph or so. The trick is to condense your message and deliver it in the opening without giving away everything.

You need to preserve the value and data for later. The purpose of this is to tell the visitor what to expect and guide them to the end where there’s a call to action.

2. Use powerful Words

Marketing legend David Ogilvy understood the power of evocative language. ‘Power words’ are the sort of words that jump out at you and convince you to pay attention. Ogilvy’s copy always had words like ‘adamant’ or ‘mercifully restrained’ in them. These words can influence emotion and experts use these emotions to drive action.

The best way to apply this is to use really good copywriters. The ones who know how to balance a broad vocabulary with good readability. By deploying power words in your content you can set yourself up as an authoritative industry leader with a lot of value to offer.

3. Use Visuals Instead of Words

Pictures do speak a thousand words. Visuals are registered and processed a lot faster than words. Use clever visuals throughout your copy to drive the message home. The best way to do this is to divide your content into different sections and check to see if you can add an image, chart, or infographic to make the message clearer. Don’t use visuals for the sake spectacle. Instead, aim to add value with every pixel you drop into your content. A chart needs to show numbers that matter and an infographic needs to simplify data.

Not only do these visual elements add character to your site but they also help attract viewers to the selling point in your content.

4. Use questions

Content creators know that the best steer the conversation is by asking questions. Conversation writing usually has a few questions that are open to unique responses. The best place to use a question is probably in the title. Once you’ve asked a good question in the opening, the reader is intrigued enough to read till the end and discover the answer.

Questions can also help you express empathy with the audience. If you want to write about a new business service for marketers you can start by asking if they’re struggling to get through to the right audience. By making the problem part of the question, you set the content up as the answer and your product as the solution. It’s an effective way to drive conversion through content.

5. Use Simple Language


Any experienced content creator will tell you that the best way to communicate is to be approachable. If you read Warren Buffett’s letters to his shareholders you’ll see that even the most complicated legal tangles and financial instruments can explained so clearly a four year-old can understand them. Take away all the legalese and jargon from your content. Replace it with clear sentences that explain an idea in brief. Write short sentences and short paragraphs. Check your content on the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale to see if it’s simple enough for every audience.

6. Fine Tune The Headline

Experts believes that only 20% of the people who read the headline go through the main body of the content. This means your content can lose four out of every five people that read the headline. The headline is like the elevator pitch for your message, so getting it right is absolutely essential. Here are some ways you can fine-tune the headline and get people to actually read through your content:

  • Include numbers and data
  • Ask a question
  • Surprise your readers.

These three tricks can help you pick the perfect title for your content. This should have phenomenal results for your conversion rate.

7. Quote Authoritative Sources

Authoritative sources are a powerful persuasion tool. It’s easier to convince someone when you have clear data from a well-known source. People use information and opinions from experts as a shortcut to decision-making. Everyone can’t be an expert on everything, so people tend to rely on quality data to guide their choices. If you can find good data to back-up your argument, you can drive more conversion through your content.

8. Write With A Voice

Data is abundant and easy to get. The only way for you to add value is by adding your unique personality to the data. Take away all the jargon and overwhelming data. Instead, create content that’s unique and talks directly to people. Write as if you’re speaking to people one-on-one. Try to sound excited or passionate about the message. If you can’t connect with people they won’t buy your product and it will drive down your conversion rate.

These eight easy tips should transform the nature of your content. Adjust your content to have a clear voice and a simple message. Ask questions, use authoritative sources, and a lot of visuals to catch people’s attention.

Better content is just persuasive communication. If you can talk directly to people and convince them to click through and take action, you’ll drive conversion rates through the roof.

Written by AlanMorris

Alan Morris is a blogger and Internet marketing expert. He is business-savvy and believes that he can make this world a better place. Talk to Alan on Facebook and Twitter.

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