Advantages of Using the Digital Printing Methods

Advantages of Using the Digital Printing Methods

When you are launching the labels of your products, the digital printing method can be of great help. If you are new in customizing the labels, you can surely think of switching from the flexographic print to the digital printing methods. This article discusses some advantages that this innovative printing method introduces you to.

Let us check out the benefits mentioned below.

# High Quality: When it comes to quality, the digital printing can provide the excellent quality of graphics that can attract the attention of the viewers. The resolution of a digital print output is almost double the resolution of the traditional flexographic print output. The product labels can obtain more life-like colors, with sharper and clearer pictures.

# Flexibility of Designs: With the digital prints, you can experiment with the designs. For targeting a huge number of audience, as well as to become competitive in the market, you must be flexible with the designs. Along with the traditional flexographic prints, you are required to shed a huge amount as charges and the setup fees. As there is no setup cost or plate charges with the digital printing, you can experiment with the designs innumerable times. So, with the flexible designs and the multiple product labels, you can start the printing right away with the digital print methods.

# Fast Turnaround: As the digital printing method does not require plates, you will not need to pay for each of the colors in the labels. For the same reason, the setup time can also be reduced. As the printing procedure is fast, you can also expect a faster turnaround. You can take help from the commercial printers Mumbai, if you have any doubt regarding the print outputs.

# Huge Options: More and more design options are available with the digital printing technology. The small business owners, marketers and the graphic designers are open to a huge number of options with this modern technology.

# Cheap Option: Compared to the traditional flexographic print, the digital print is cheaper and more affordable in nature. As the plates are not needed and the setup costs are less, you can expect a cheaper price. You can opt for multiple materials and labels with the help of the digital printing. You can save money with larger quantities. As your printing quantities go up, your pricing can even become cheaper.

# Short-run Capacity: For the short run, the cost benefit can be very useful for the small quantities of product labels also. You will only have to order for the particular quantity that you require in your labels, instead of ordering in bulk for obtaining the best price.

# Personalization: With the digital printing, you can easily personalize your works. For example, the name of the customers, the relevant images and the personalized URL of your page can easily be customized according to your preferences. The personalization helps in engaging more audience, according to your interests.

# Greener Option: As the digital printing helps to prevent the waste of paper, it is definitely the greener option and an environment-friendly one in nature.

The digital printing technology is getting popular throughout the world and it is capable of printing about 1000 labels simultaneously with the variable data printing options. Huge creative opportunities have also opened up for the graphic designers who can use the multiple barcodes or can even print multiple labels simultaneously.

Written by Lucy Jones

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