These amazing WordPress plugins will turn your website mobile responsive


Gone are the days when to have a responsive website working on desktop and mobile devices were an option as today it has become utterly necessary. There is just no denying that people who come to visit your website first will instantly move to your competitors lest they see them offering the ease of browsing their website from a mobile platform. Mobile is just everywhere and in every way it’s the new access point surpassing desktop usage by large numbers. Do you know that 25% of entire search queries take place on a mobile device? This way it’s quite clear that Mobile is big.


Now do you know that most companies make efforts in leveraging the mobile platform, comprising the craze to have a responsive website? The number of companies that did adopt the mobile strategy went on to report more than 35% escalation in visitors post refreshing the site with the responsive design focusing on content, speed and overall user experience. Speaking of mobile scenarios where the presence of responsive design is not seen, users often become irritated owing to slow loading times and other issues comprising of visibility, access to action issues, etc. Their usual complain is that the website is not optimized for mobile use.

Now when we speak of WordPress, it did manage to distinguish itself as one of the most accessible, manageable and easy to use CMS solution. This is the foremost platform for a corporate website, blog, managing or an economic store and it’s clearly not easily to beat its appeal with the presence of multiple themes, extensive support and useful plugins.

So here we speak of a few plugins making your website responsive:

1. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

Enhance your use experience to a great extent with the use of this plugin and make your WordPress website feel just as a mobile application. Packaging and delivery of content around platform, operating systems and devices is possible and you also get to enjoy a cross-platform access, responsive UI and a readymade theme having abstract covers post sync. Besides customizing appearance comprising of colors and fonts is a lot easier.

It’s easy to integrate with analytics and have a full screen mode for the ones desiring to access the applied theme on desktop.

Requirement: WordPress version 3.5 or higher.

2. MobilePress

Using responsive theme, MobilePress allows your website to be a lot more responsive. With the mobile friendly settings it’s a lot easier to install customized theme with this plugin.

3. Jetpack

Not only it offers a mobile responsive design, Jetpack even supercharges your website and goes on to deliver a lot more. It has amazing 33 specific features that make JetPack a lot more than a plugin and a site owner just can’t function well without this package. You can optimize he basic ‘Mobile theme’ feature for optimizing the WordPress site for mobile devices and besides it’s able to use contact forms, custom CSS, transform your image galleries with Carousel and a lot more. When familiar with CSS and bit PHP coding, customizing your theme is way easier.

4. Any Mobile theme switcher

Needless to say that the name sounds quirky as you look for it in the plugin directory but it conveys just what it’s all about. You can easily load your mobile theme and setup the plugin while as it looks at your website it detects the browser is using and sending the right theme for accommodation. Different home pages are shown for different mobile devices and it may prove to be quite handy as you try selling it to Apple or Blackberry users. This way it allows mobile bookmarking with QR codes and works with W3 Total Cache.

5. WP Mobile edition

This is just another plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a mobile only website. As you access the website on a desktop, it appears the same way it does on a mobile device. Though, it may just be suitable for your desktop website when you don’t require many functions on the same. Good idea, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, you must keep in mind to not adopt this plugin in case your current mobile theme is currently a “brought down” version of the bigger desktop website (for instance, the Facebook mobile website). But if you do go for a mobile-only website version, the process of changing your website is a lot more easier.


When you are using these amazing and utile plugins, it’s way more easier to convert your WordPress desktop based site into a responsive mobile site.

Written by Arun Goyal

Arun Goyal, Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, carries profound experience in IT industry and based on that he creates an informative and engaging piece of content. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog.

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