Development Experts Explaining Changes in .Net 4.6.2 Development Experts

Few months back development company India had shared news about release of .net 4.6.2 framework. In this post, they will explain the changes brought by the framework. Most of the changes are based on the feedback officials got from the users, including those submitted on Connect and UserVoice. The latest framework includes lots of great improvements in areas like:

  • Base Class library
  • ClickOnce
  • Common Language Runtime
  • net
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • SQL
  • Windows Communication foundation

Major changes made in BCL or Base Class Library as under:

Experts fixed the 260 character file name (MAXPATH) length limitation in the system.IO APIs.

This limitation usually affects developer machines that make deeply source trees or make use of specialized tools that also perform in Unix.

This new feature is valid for applications that target the .Net 4.6.2 (or later) framework. With this feature, user can configure an app and target the framework using app.config or web.config file:


You can select apps that target an older version of .net framework into using this feature. You need to setup an AppContext switch that will be honored when an app is running on .Net framework 4.6.2.

Here is the configuration for AppContext switch:


Officials have made changes to enable long paths:

They have allowed paths greater than 260 characters (MAX_PATH) – Paths longer than MAX_PATH are allowed by BCL API.

Officials have enabled extended path syntax and file namespaces (\\?\, \\. \) Users can now avail support for these paths. Some performance improvements have also been made by officials.

The framework now supports FIPS 186-3 DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm). With this support, user can now avail X509 certificates with keys exceeding 1024-bit. User can leverage FIPS 186-3 support with the new DSACng class.

ECDiffielHellmanCng class usability has been improved.

Async Improvements

SessionStateModule and Output-Cache Module enhancements have been made to enable async scenarios.

SessionStateModule Interfaces- Session State lets users to store and receive data of user session as a user navigates an site. Users are now able to create their own async Session State Module implementation through Session state module interface.

Output cache module – It enhances the performance of app through caching the output gained from a controller action to avoid additional same content for every request.

There are some more enhancements introduced to new .net framework. You can write to development company India professionals and ask about the updates.

Written by Johnny Morgan

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