Why Should You Attend the Microsoft Dynamics Days Meeting?

Why should you attend the Microsoft Dynamics Days meeting-

Dynamics Days are meetings or international conferences which are held on the theoretical application and practical application of non linear dynamics. It started mainly in Europe and has been held since 1980. It was later picked up by the United States n 1982, followed by Central Asia in 2013. Even Latin America and the Caribbean have hosted such Dynamics Days since 2010. Now the whole point of such a meeting or conference is to spread awareness about the software application that has taken the technology world by storm – namely, Microsoft dynamics. What is it? How does it work? What does it entail? How does the application benefit its users? These are just some of the topics that are covered in the conference.

But before we actually start off on why attending the conference is important, let’s get down to the basics, shall we? Microsoft dynamics, to put it simply, is a series of software applications in computing that deal with customer relationship management or CRM and enterprise resource planning or ERP. Although manufactured by Microsoft, the marketing of the products mainly takes place through a number of resellers or third party sellers. Specialized services are provided by these sellers to the users. Customer relationship management or CRM has truly become a possibility now and users are able to maximize the outcome with its help. The project management has gained in complexity ever since Microsoft introduced a number of customizations and updates.

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While Microsoft dynamics is a series of products and services, each service is aimed at a specific audience and target customer. Microsoft realizes that there are different kinds of organizations, ranging from small scale to large scale organizations. Each organization, thus, has a need of its own. To cater to such specialized needs, Microsoft comes up with its own range of services which are specialized and detailed. Now that you are more or less aware of what Microsoft dynamics is all about, let’s take a look at 4 reasons why you should attend the conference:

  • Success stories from around the world – As you must have realized by now, this is an international conference that attracts a number of people from across the globe. Different people and organizations that have made use of Microsoft dynamics and have benefited from it would be asked to come and deliver a talk on the matter. Also, the exposure is huge. You would be meeting and interacting with people from different corners of the world and can listen to them share their success stories. That would certainly inspire and motivate you to some extent. By interacting with such an audience, you would definitely be expanding your own horizons.

  • Technical matter – What you must realize is that Microsoft dynamics is highly technical in nature. And if you’re not equipped with expertise in the matter, you might have queries and doubts regarding some features. Some features might even go above your head. That is why the conference is the best option for you if you are eager to learn. The conference organizers invite experienced consultants from all over the world. These consultants are at your disposal and are going to answer all the queries and questions that you could possibly have. If there is something that you aren’t able to understand, there is nothing to feel ashamed of. You can just ask one of the consultants present at the conference and clarify your doubts.

  • Live demos – Microsoft uses a number of tools as part of the dynamics package in order to make the services or the product all the more efficient and meaningful. There is no point in using Microsoft dynamics if you’re not making most of the tools that are available. As a matter of fact, there are separate tools that cater to different services and organizations. But the thing is, not everyone might be equipped to deal with the tools. You might be unaware of the nitty-gritty of it. That is why the conference brings to you live demos. These demos would tell you why you should use the tools and how they work.

  • Education and awareness – To simply purchase or get hold of a Microsoft dynamics service or product is not going to be enough. The key is the implementation. You need to have the software application implemented and installed properly. That is not going to be possible unless you have the right training and education. At the conference, you will find a number of trainers and educators who are just waiting for you to approach them. If you ask for their help, they would assist you with the implementation process from start to finish.  

These are four reasons why you should attend the international conference on Microsoft dynamics AX company this year. The dates are not that far off; you better register as soon as you can!

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