How to Avoid Stress That Comes With Office Relocation

How to Avoid Stress That Comes With Office Relocation

Moving offices can be a hectic business. There’s a lot to consider all at once and your business shouldn’t suffer while you do it. But, if you have already found a perfect new location, which can accommodate the needs of your company, there’s no reason to worry. That was the hardest part. The rest can be accomplished if you plan ahead and pay attention to details.

The best thing to do is to compile a list of all the things you have to and go through it, step by step, that way, nothing will get missed.

How to Avoid Stress That Comes With Office Relocation

Make a schedule

It’s important to have one, first and foremost because of your clients or customers. Let them know when the relocation will be over and when do you start working from a new address. That end date isn’t actually when the process is over because you might still need to receive mail to your old address for a while after a move, but for your clients, that’s the day when everything is fully operational again. Set an earlier date for moving larger and sensitive items, so you can have some infrastructure waiting when you get there.

Delegate specific tasks

It’s perfectly fine not do everything yourself, but don’t lose the control of the process. For instance, you can let each department sort their own affairs before moving, but only you should decide how the offices will be assigned at your new space. It’s also a good idea to leave some tasks to the professionals. Moving companies have experience with these sorts of things and it’s ok to trust them regarding the number and size of trucks you might need. Off course, if you’re also moving some sensitive data about your clients, you might want to get involved personally.

Cleaning up

Moving can also be an opportunity to clean the old place up and have a fresh start. First of all, evaluate what equipment is outdated or not worth of fixing – that’s the one you don’t have to carry with you. The same goes for files both virtual and physical – make a list of essentials and throw away the rest. Hire professionals for rubbish removal in Sydney and leave the old office as you found it, that way you can focus on what’s ahead of you.

How to Avoid Stress That Comes With Office RelocationSetting up a new office

You’re going to have to run two offices simultaneously, at least for a little while. Before you even move, you should have a couple things set up in your new place. Phones, internet connection, and all other tech related stuff should be there waiting for you. It’s also a good idea to get to know your new surroundings – get a new caterer for your office, open a tab at a local bar or two, or decide which restaurants you could use for important meetings.

Never miss an opportunity to advertize

If everything is scheduled and planned in advance, you could also make a little buzz about your arrival. Make a countdown timer to opening your office and announce a forthcoming surprise. Sale or a discount for your services would be the best way to reward your customers for waiting for you so patiently. Having a party to celebrate the move is also a good idea. You could invite people from your field which work in your new area – you can’t put a price on networking.

Start preparing your move in time and keep lists of everything that needs to be done. Nonetheless, do not despair if you forget or miss something, your business isn’t about location or items, it’s about people and ideas.

Written by Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to business and technology.

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