Blogger Tips to Help Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Blogger Tips to Help Drive Traffic from Pinterest

It is no longer a big secret that Pinterest is one of the best sources of traffic and a way to generate readership for your blog. In fact, many seasoned bloggers, especially in the DIY, fashion and food niches have already seen significant jumps in traffic to their blogs, thanks to the website. However, Pinterest is not just an important tool for big businesses; this tool can be used by any blogger to increase their reach on the web and to attract new readers. Plus, it is not very difficult to do.

In this post, we explore Pinterest for bloggers in terms of what its users are searching for – the kind of content that grabs and holds their attention – and the strategies you can use to make them want to re-pin and share it with their friends. There are also several ways you can use this knowledge to drive traffic to your blog.

Make Your Blog Useful

The blogs that are most successful are those that are useful to their readers. Regardless of the reasons that readers visit a blog, they will always respond positively to a blog if they feel that they have taken something away from the experience – it could be anything from a fresh perspective, to an idea or a new skill. Everyone likes to have evidence that they are better after having read a blog.

When one of your readers feels that they have had a great experience from reading one of your posts, they will naturally want to share what they have read with others. Regardless of the mode – whether Facebook, email or Pinterest, they will do it because of their need to share the positive experience or new information with others. According to a leading marketing blog, one of the best strategies to drive traffic to your blog, is to curate and offer content that your readers will be compelled to share.

Create a Board for Pins You Have Clicked Through

You are the best researcher for your intended audience. It is clear that if you took the time to research and write about a particular topic, then you are the first member of your audience. Many bloggers today carry out much of the research for their blog posts or articles on Pinterest, even before they Google the details.

There are many articles that will tell you what the elements of a good Pin are, but what you really need is not for your audience just to re-pin, but to also click through to your blog. Experiencing the reasons why you clicked through from Pinterest to a website or blog is more important than simply carrying out research. If you clicked through an image, then it is highly likely that your audience will want to as well. Whenever you are researching ideas on Pinterest, you should actually click through the Pin to the blog or website, read the article and then add the image to your board of click-through pins.

Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time

One of the best ways to leverage the power of Pinterest to boost readership of your blog is to not only have plenty of pins, but to also ensure that all of your pins are of high quality; clearly, the image you use is very important. However, you should ally a great image with a useful summary as well as its original URL.

You should go all out to locate the original image source. Although this could take a bit of effort on your part, the end result will be well worth it. You should therefore invest in a good image editor to ensure that the images you pin are as eye-catching as possible. When you Pin a great image, you will find that users will be re-pinning it for months to come, something that you will not see on any other social network.

Pin Fresh Content from Your Website or Blog

One of the most important pieces of advice that every blogger who is looking to boost their traffic using Pinterest should keep in mind, is that it is more effective to post regular Pins from their blog or website instead of just repining. This is because most of the content that is found on Pinterest is repins from other boards. You can use this fact to boost the visibility of your blog’s pins within the smart feed.

When you pin the newest content from your website or blog, you are putting fresh content on Pinterest. When users on the website view your pins, they will immediately think, “Wait a minute… this is something new. We like it!”  Pinterest will then view you as one of its more valuable users.

Understand How Pins and Pinterest Works

There are literally hundreds of tips on how to leverage Pinterest when you want to boost readership of your blog, but what is most important is to take the time to understand how this social media platform works. In a similar fashion to other social media like Facebook and Twitter, the best results can be achieved when you know exactly what Pinterest is and how to best use it to boost your blog, website or brand. Carry out sufficient research, try out many different ideas, study the analytics, fine-tune your strategy and, most of all, have fun while doing it!


The audience that you are able to build within this social media platform is the greatest determinant of whether Pinterest will drive traffic to your blog or not. If you have an audience that appreciates the content that you provide, they will regularly visit your Pinterest boards and have constant engagement with your pins. A high level of engagement is the key to creating more exposure for your website or blog. All you need to do is target individuals who are in your niche and then provide them with interesting, unique and well-written content.

Written by Sandeep Likhar

Sandeep Likhar is from India, where he is a blogger, eBook designer, and founder of LetsDnD. He has 6 years of experience in the industry as a Digital Publishing Expert and eBook Converter, providing services to authors, publishers, and distributors worldwide. He is proficient in converting books into various formats, such as HTML, epub, mobi, word, PDF, including all major online platforms like iTunes, Kobo, Kindle, CreateSpace, B&N, Smashwords, and more.

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