Blogging Pitfalls You Need To Look Out For

Blogging is no doubt a lucrative experience. What more could one ask for if you have a chance to air out your opinions and sometimes even getting paid for it? Indeed all bloggers can relate. However, even with the lucrativeness that comes with it, a blogger has to watch out for certain pitfalls which may ruin the amazing experience for both the blogger and the readers.

monkeys-47226_960_720Disclosing Too Much Information

One of such pitfalls is disclosing too much information. It is normal for people to share a lot of information, especially, on a matter that is close to their hearts. In fact, many readers, appreciate such honesty. However, the danger that lies in disclosing too much information, especially personal information, is that anyone can access your blog. Hence, you can never know who is reading your blog. The danger that this poses is that you may post something that may not resonate well with, say, your employer. Picture this scenario: Your boss is authoritarian, and you do not like it. It bothers you, but you cannot show it since you are afraid of losing your job. So you choose to vent about it in your blog. What would happen if he/she reads it? Well, we all wouldn’t want to be in that position. Therefore, choose wisely what to share and what not to share in your blog after considering if you can bear all the consequences of whichever action you take.

social-media-1635579_960_720Failing To Engage the Readers

Another pitfall to watch out for is forgetting to engage the readers. Plainly speaking, of what use is it to hold an opinion, expressing it to others and not giving other people the chance to comment or at least react to your opinion? Would they really have the incentive to listen to you or read your blog again? Blogging has to be a two-way experience that provides a platform for the bloggers to write and readers to comment on what was written. It should not be about your opinion only. Let your readers also give their criticisms and insights on the subject matter. This will have a positive implication as far connecting with your readers is concerned, and as a bonus, it will help you keep your mind sharp.

10-easy-ways-to-make-money-onlineObsessing With Money

Focusing too much on the income that you would get from your blog is another pitfall that should be watched out for. Of course, it goes without saying that blogging is a form of work and fair compensation is owed to a blogger for the equal work that he/she has done. However, you should not lose sight of the readership of the blog. You would not want to push away readers because of too many ads on your site that are not even relevant to the readers, lest they think that you are only interested in making money. However, this is not an argument against making money through blogs. If you have an opportunity to make some money then seize it by all means. The prudent action to undertake is to accept advertising and products that are relevant to your readership and having a means of control.

appointment-scheduler-487719_960_720Irregularity in Posting

Habit is second in nature. Well, what does this statement have to do with blogging? The point to note here is irregularity as far as posting to your blog is concerned. Your blog has to be constantly updated with fresh content and captivating posts regularly, otherwise, you may lose readership. Readers will always form the habit of going to a specific blog whenever they want an opinion on a specific issue, say, fashion when they know that they will find new and fresh content. A ‘fashionista’ will be devoted to your fashion blog when you frequently post fresh content on the latest and new trends in fashion. In fact, they may even bookmark your blog site.

businesswoman-571153_960_720Ignoring Quality

While frequent posting on your blog is important, it is equally important to post quality content. Thus, the pitfall here is posting poor quality content. You should not post vague material that lacks detail in both its form and structure. Frankly speaking, it is actually a nuisance to readers to visit your blog for the purpose of getting some information and then end up getting mediocre material or getting no information altogether. Therefore to avoid this, carefully research your material and convey it in a language that clearly emphasizes the most important points.

narrative-794978__180Neglecting Graphic Elements

Traditional blogging has always been about plain textual writing about a certain issue of interest. However, neglecting graphic elements is another pitfall that you should avoid. It is a well-known fact that the eye is the door to the mind. To fully captivate a reader’s mind, you should stimulate them by using visual aids. Thus, as a blogger, put images on your blog to drive more traffic to it and also to enhance the reader’s experience. Moreover, you should put a few videos too to liven up the readers.


Getting a second party or third party opinion about an idea or subject is not bad at all. It shows that you value the opinion of others and that you embrace divergent views. Every once in a while, you will have to use second party and third party resources materials to write to your blog. This is not bad at all. The pitfall, however, is not citing your source or failing to acknowledge the work of other people. Plagiarism is a major pitfall that one should avoid by all means. To avoid this, cite the source of every secondary material, photo, logo or image that you use in your blog.

editing-1756958_960_720Failing To Edit

Lastly, failing to edit your work is another pitfall. You do not want readers to label your blog as one of those mediocre blogs where the writer does not even know basic grammar. After writing your work it is imperative for you as a blogger to review it by checking for grammatical mistakes, typos, misplaced expressions and also other errors of omission or commission. Proofread your work before posting it in your blog. Your work should portray a high level of accuracy and professionalism.

Written by Alice Jones

Hi, my name is Alice. I am a content writer and blogger. I work as a tutor as well, a private educator for school students. I am always ready to help people with their writings, their understanding of English and other subjects. I like sharing my experience, tips, thoughts, and ideas.

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