Blogging On A Schedule: Why Providing Consistent Content Matters

Many people outside of a blogging world don’t take it seriously.

‘Coming up with fresh ideas? Scheduling? Yeah, right. Are you saying you post stuff on the internet and consider it to be your job? Very funny’

A typical thought process of regular people who have no idea what goes into building and keeping a blog not only alive and well but develop it to something you’d be proud of and others will be coming back to. And providing content on a regular basis is a key to that.

Pros and Cons of Daily Blogging

It might seem extremely rewarding to produce content 7 days a week. But after a while, you will start noticing that your efforts do not give you desired exposure, posts don’t receive enough attention and new readers just aren’t there. Despite your efforts and writing talent, there are a few things that can go wrong if you keep posting daily.

Let’s say, you publish one post per day – you look for inspiration, trying to make your stories unique, spend ages to turn it into a good article and then edit it. However, do you leave enough time for promoting it? As a matter of fact, blogging is not just about writing – it’s also about marketing. Leave some time for promoting your freshly written content, make sure your post has a chance to get noticed by larger audiences than just your regular visitors. If you publishing new stuff daily, chances are – you are neglecting their proper promotion.

Create A Posting Schedule

Having a schedule is important, especially for bloggers. You need to have a content plan in order to always be aware of your tasks as well as deadlines and avoid backlogs.You’ll need to experiment before you figure out the best posting schedule that works both for you and your audience. A lot of bloggers tend to post either in the morning or evening  to reach as many people as possible. Another thing to keep in mind is – your readers do notice if you haven’t posted something on the schedule, so don’t disappoint them and stick to it.

Enjoy the Benefits

Experts claim, and I cannot agree more, that those blogs that are updated once or twice a week show the best results. They don’t annoy readers all the time leave time for themselves to do proper research and think of ways to promote it. There are a lot of proven ways to stick to your blogging schedule and publish fresh posts on a regular basis. But the major emphasis of this article is to help you understand why it really matters.

  • Boosting your SEO ratings
    Search engines like new content emerging on your website. If you publish fresh content regularly, your blog will earn higher ratings and thus get more exposure.
  • Earning Reader’s Trust
    If you get loyal readers, they might want to visit your website when they look for something fresh. Imagine their disappointment if they find only old posts they have already seen. Add fresh content to make sure you always have something new for them.
  • Reminding of Yourself
    If you send blog updates right to your subscribers’ inboxes, you’d better make these updates consistent. While readers might fail to notice it on your website that your blogging schedule is a havoc, they will definitely notice it in their email boxes.
  • Better Visibility
    If you promote your blog posts through external resources, you will get more visitors coming to your website. Don’t just expect that readers will come and read everything you’ve written. Encourage them to come, invite and reward them with highly-informative and unique content. If you do it regularly and consistently, you can expect more visitors to come.
  • Improving Your Time-Management Skills.
    Sticking to your blogging schedule really depends on how good your time-management skills are. If you learn to follow your blogging schedule, you might eventually find yourself to be a better day planner. If you work on your self-development, learning to follow your blogging schedule is a good start.

Why Blogging Without a Plan Is Bad

As soon as you skip a post or two, you’ll start missing more and more over time. Don’t be surprised if you abandon your editorial calendar completely. Or imagine you will get a reader to subscribe to your updates, then you disappear for a month or two and then you show up again with your posts. Your readers will most probably forget about you and unsubscribe after placing your emails to a spam folder.

Blogging has always been something that everyone starts doing but eventually only few stick to it. Blogging is fun and rewarding but it requires persistence and self-discipline.

So, what did we learn today? Consistency is good, but daily blogging still sounds like a bad idea. You need to find a balance and keep in mind that it’s much better to leave more of your time to post-production.

Written by Shayan Carlosn

Shayan Carlson is freelance blogger and marketing enthusiast loves to write about education, lifestyle and travel the world.

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