Breaking Down the Incredible GPS Tracking System: Active vs. Passive Unit

GPS Tracking System

Extract the “Real-Time” Info with the “Real-Time” GPS Tracker!

GPS or Global Positioning System technology has adhered with the technological aspects for many years. Long ago, it all had initiated in the 1940s. The difference is all about the features. Just newer facets have added to it as the time crawls. But, the core “crux” still remains intact. The GPS trackers were and are used to track the real-time location of an object or an entity. It may be possible that the upcoming future will bring some pioneering attributes that will amaze the entire world. But, it’s all unpredictable. We just wait and watch! (Fingers crossed)

Well! It is not wrong to say that GPS tracking system holds an imperative place in the present scenario also. Even, now, it has embedded with many innovative quirks that will make it a fruitful feature for monitoring alive or lifeless object.

Don’t be gaped!

When it comes to the technology, then it has no barriers. And, the same principle will apply to the tracking unit. As the word technology is linked with the tracking system, it has also incorporated with various effective attributes. As an illustration- in the former time span, you can locate a person only through his/her mobile. But, the present epoch says something quite outstanding. The GPS tracker can monitor a person and a vehicle distinctly. It has become feasible through the personal trackers and vehicle trackers.

To summarize, GPS tracking device is a tremendous invention of the technology. More deeply, it can be classified into two categories:

  1. Active GPS Tracker
  2. Passive GPS Tracker

Let us study them in detail…

Difference between Active and Passive GPS Tracker


The fundamental difference is the “real-time” facet. Active GPS tracker tracks the real-time movement of an entity. Even, you can watch the current activity in a computer system also. The basic note behind this device is that GPRS module is inbuilt, which allows the device to transmit the current & exact data and info to the person directly. And, an individual at an another end will be able to observe the movements, provided the internet connection is available.

Yes, it is the technology that has brought the major transformations in the GPS tracking unit. Now, you can simply view the location, speed, and other details of that entity. Sounds interesting! Although, it is more expensive than the passive, but it is worth its price. What else you want when you are getting the notification and the video of a live activity?


  • Elderly Persons:

It happens that an old-aged person wants an absolute liberty. He/she also loves to wander at his/her own terms. But, it is obvious that loved ones care about them. In such circumstances, you can have a hawk’s eye on that person whenever you want using the active GPS device.

  • Young Children:

You can’t keep the kids in a cage. Their age is to fly freely. So, using this tracker, you will have the info about him/her and ensure that your child will be safe within that perimeter.

  • Teenage Drivers:

The teenagers love driving the vehicle. And, unfortunately, if they will be trapped in some complicated situation, then using this tracking unit, you can easily reach your kid. Along with that, you can also track the footsteps in other situations also.

  • A Dementia Sufferer:

Dementia is actually a chain of symptoms that are linked with the slow memory loss. So, if any individual, having Dementia, steps out of the home, then you can easily audit his/her motion of activity.


Basically, the passive GPS tracking device doesn’t monitor the real-time steps. It will function with the same degree and the speed, but instead of sending the signals directly to the person, it will save the data in a separate data logger. Yes, you can retrieve this info latter and send to a dedicated computer system or an online cloud-based network. In other words, the passive GPS trackers “record” the movement and then view it later.

Without any uncertainty, it is also a significant device of the current technological era. Moreover, it is also an efficient option when you have to invest less money. Wait! It’s the best to note is yet to discuss. It requires no installation costs.


  • Sports Enthusiasts:

The joggers and the mountain climbers use the passive GPS tracking unit to check the distance they have covered. As this tracker records the movements, so they can easily utilize during their morning walks.

  • Teenagers:

Parents use the passive tracker to note the footsteps of their child while they are on a hangout with friends. The teenagers are naughty and they can double-cross their parents. Therefore, a parent can easily make use of this device to record the activity.

  • Fleet Companies:

The fleet managers and the company owner can put their eyes on the drivers and evaluate the route or the distance they have covered. It will allow them to catch the adverse behavior or activity of the driver.

The Bottom Line

Now, it is up to you. What do you want to purchase- An Active or Passive GPS Tracker? Palpate your needs and then pick the most suitable one.

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