Build your own web shop with osCommerce

own web shop with osCommerce

In the internet’s infancy, creating an eCommerce website wasn’t an easy proportion. Fortunately, the internet has evolved to such an extent that setting up an online store becomes simpler and better. E-commerce platforms allow sellers to set up a fully functional online store that not only syncs with your business strategies but at the same time fulfill your client’s requirements in a user-friendly way. Now open source eCommerce platforms are a plethora in numbers and plenty to choose from. The following post acts as a short beginners guide on how to build your own web shop with osCommerce.

Presenting: OsCommerce Platform

OsCommerce is the most trending platform incorporating a wide range of features and functionalities in order to enhance the shopping experience of the end users. Released under the GNU General Public License, it can be easily installed and configured on servers with a web server installed alongside with PHP and MySQL database. Today, the platform runs approximately more than 260,000 online stores across the globe. In addition to this, support for the program is mostly found through its rich online community where both users and osCommerce developers can find ideas, complaints, suggestions, and relevant solutions.

osCommerce Development

Features and functionalities:

  • 7000 free add-ons
  • Massive integrations
  • Smooth Payment processing
  • Reliable customer service and technical support
  • Compatible with all PHP 4 versions
  • Supports unlimited products and categories
  • Products-to-categories structure
  • Categories-to-categories structure
  • Add/edit/remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers and reviews
  • Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products
  • Administration area secured with a username and password defined during installation
  • Contact customers directly via email or newsletters
  • Easily backup and restore the database
  • Print invoices and packing lists from the order screen
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • Multi-currency support
  • Automatically update currency exchange rates

Why osCommerce development?

Many times osCommerce is recognized as the grandfather of open source shopping cart solutions. Despite being so old, the shopping cart is used by thousands of e-commerce websites these days, why?

  • Easy to set up– If your server is already compatible with PHP scripts and you have access to MySQL database then you can set an e-commerce store pretty easily. As you see the platform goes really well with the servers that use PHP as the programming language with MYSQL. Moreover, it is pretty much in sync with eCommerce website development and helps in the intrinsic functionality of the templates.
  • Easy to customize– The platform is very flexible and quite easy in terms of customization. Which means with the help of a reliable developer, you can make whatever changes you want as per the need of your website. Apart from this, the platform offers an option of multiple languages, an added advantage while dealing with customers across the globe. The user friendliness and high-security level also make the platform popular among developers.
  • Tools and Options– The wide range of tools available within the platform are the themes, templates, layouts along with add-ons and updates. Apart from all these tools, they have a huge community of around 300,000 members who make such a great support system. So, whenever anyone finds trouble working with the platform, he or she can receive instant help from the community.
  • Multiple payment gateways– Setting up an eCommerce website means one needs to surely incorporate a provision for a smooth online transaction in order to accept payments from the end users. By offering different payment options such as PayPal, Pay Nova, Sage pay and others to the customers, you are somehow improving their shopping experience. As these gateways are not only easy to transact but are also pretty safe where they can rely on.
  • Product Management- With osCommerce development, store owners can now pretty easily and conveniently upload an unlimited number of products and arrange them according to their needs. In addition to this, the platform even allows owners to track preferences of their end users especially those who are coming back repeatedly.

How to make your osCommerce store always stays in demand?

  • Domain Matching Your Product Niche– Most of the time it happens that domain you think is already registered by someone else. Well, don’t assume things and end up choosing a terribly cumbersome domain name that may ruin your dreams. Besides, avoid all the hard spell words as good domain name requires to be short and memorable and of course easy to type. So, do not compromise with an unworkable domain name.
  • Developers are there to execute plans– Many people tend to save a few dollars by compromising on seeking help from a developer. Never do that! Never ever compromise with inexperienced osCommerce programmers for the development of your e-store solutions.
  • Consider your audiences– Every business, be it small or large has specific target audiences and your business is no exception. No matter how capable you are of serving a variety of audiences make sure to target specific market to maintain a fixed flow of income. Consider who will be your targeted audience, their age group and which sector of people you are going to target.

Written by Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is Marketing Manager at eTatvaSoft - a mobile app development company. He writes about Technology Trends, Leadership and many more things about IT services and enabled people to learn about new technologies through his online contribution.

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