Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ Investment

Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ Investment

It’s a popular wisdom that ideas are easy, but execution is hard. It’s one thing to have an idea for a business, but actually starting one takes a lot of money (or the access to a wealthy investor willing to believe in you). Both of these are misconception -there’re businesses you can start with just a 100 $ on your account. If you work hard and you’re able to make yourself stand out – there is a pretty good chance that a 100 $ business can grow into a real carrier.

Here’re a couple of options:

Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ InvestmentTutoring

Technically you don’t need any money to start tutoring if you’re doing it online. All you need is to have expert knowledge and patience to help others learn. There’re are numerous site dedicated to getting students and tutors in touch. Languages are always in demand, as well as programming skills, but you can definitely make money if you’re good at math or science. If you do have a 100 % to spare, spend it on promoting your tutoring work – that won’t be a waste, because that’s how you get more students.


If you’re crafty in any sense of the word, there’s pretty good chance you can cash in on it. The internet is filled with people willing to pay for handmade products of any kind. Knitting, crocheting and quilting are in high demand, but you can never go wrong with painting and woodworking. The biggest cost will be getting the right tools, buying materials and advertising, but then again you can add all of these expenses to the prices of your goods. Don’t be afraid if you have to start small – these things work by word of mouth marketing and people are willing to pay if your work is good.

Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ InvestmentVirtual assistant

Most of the office work is done remotely and there are numerous apps for organizing workflow, but nothing can replace having a reliable assistant. If you have experience working in a real office or doing any kind of professional correspondence, you don’t need to spend any money on training. Virtual assistants are usually hired by small business and start-ups, which don’t need require full time work – these means you can do couple of gigs at ones. Of course as the job grows your role in it grows as well.

Affiliate marketing

Content marketing is getting increasingly important for businesses. Writing blogs to accompany different products is becoming the most lucrative type of marketing. If you have expertise in certain areas and you’re willing to work on growing your audience, businesses will pay you to promote their products on your blog. This works demands for you to be able to write and to stay in touch with different business, so your biggest expense is getting a good extension architect, for setting up a home office.

Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ Investment

Errand service

It’s best if you tie this work with a delivery service, that way you can cover all the need your customer may have. There’re online platforms which already provide the opportunity to this, but you can also start your own using social media to promote it, especially if you plan to cater to your local community. Expenses include a vehicle (bike is the cheapest and most reliable option, but you can use a car or a skateboard depending on the amount of stuff you need to carry and the amount of ground you need to cover) and PayPal card reader. PayPal gets a small share, but it’s the easiest way of doing business.

Businesses You Can Start With Less Than a 100 $ InvestmentSocial media management

Businesses of all sizes are looking for social media managers, because at this point no business can work without one. The best way to apply for this kind of work is to show your own social media profiles and to be able to prove you’re a generally reliable person. There’re no start-up costs what so ever, but you shouldn’t be afraid to start with smaller and lesser known businesses.

All of these carriers can start as side projects or even hobbies, but if you’re willing to put in the effort they can grow and eventually become a steady source of income.

Written by Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to business and technology.

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