How can You Leverage WordPress for Your Elearning Website?

WordPress is one of the most powerful Contents Management System which is being used by the majority of websites. You must have read loads of articles glorifying about WordPress. I will not repeat those points however, I am going to give a simple point to glorify WordPress in a nutshell. WordPress is highly interactive, user-friendly CMS which caters you some of the best tools to not just manage your website but also to build beautiful, stunning and cutting edge website.

Elearning is trending and it is trending real fast. There was this time in early 21st century also when people prefer hard copy books from their city or college libraries but now the time is evolving. As the web applications are increasing, the trend has shifted and now depends on what you learn from the internet. Online application of learning grows big and now become a very trending concept as Elearning.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can use WordPress as a tool to leverage on your WordPress Elearning website. There are many of these types of the famous website which has now evolved themselves as paid membership websites. Some of them are, and much more. So, let’s see what you can do with WordPress on your side for your Elearning websites.

Your targets

First, you need to declutter your thoughts about what you want to do from your Elearning website. I hope these pointers can help.

  • A Signup Page.
  • A payment option.
  • Module division.
  • Learning through videos.
  • Dividing learning into different courses.
  • Repeat

So, as you can see this is one of the most basic ointment you need to nourish as an Elearning WordPress website. Let’s check out these following pointers to use WordPress.

A Decent Signup page.

Now, as for a WordPress user, this won’t be as typical as the one with no WordPress. All you need is a perfect membership plugin to cater this to your viewer. These WordPress plugins can be of some help,

  • Members
  • MemberPress
  • WooCommerce with Membership extension.
  • Paid Membership Pro (It is free actually, only its service will cost you)

So, it is as simple as this. Install and activate one of these plugins in your WordPress website and you’ll see yourself how easy this can be for you.

Create levels of access with a mode of payment.

Now, here you can add certain levels of membership. I recommend three (As it mostly comes down to three levels). The first level is entirely free with limited access to the content. The second level can be of some bucks (I recommend to have it on monthly basis) and give access to all the written contents of the website. The last level can be as like “Gold” membership with all kind of access to every kind of content whether it is a written content, a video or a podcast. It is up to you whatever you want to add.

Divide your module Cleverly

Now here you have to create certain filters to be used in your content. Reckon it as content protection for certain levels. You can use these plugins to achieve these tasks,

  • Restrict Content.
  • Restrict Content Pro.

You can also use the above WordPress plugin Paid Membership Pro. I prefer this one for most of the tasks.

Add Videos for premium content.

As you added three levels I think you should add premium videos for premium members of your website. Videos are a very interactive way to learn. And believe it or not, for Elearning, videos are the perfect ammunition to leverage your visitors. You can use these WordPress plugins,

  • Easy Video Player
  • WP Video Post

So, by these ways, you can easily leverage WordPress for your visitors and create stunning WordPress Elearning websites.

I hope you like my views about the topic. Elearning is the new way of learning which is not only trending in Colleges but also in professionals to learn new skills and add to their portfolios.

Written by Lauren Mclaren

Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, providing Affordable Web Design Services in Sydney. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to design websites. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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