How to change font size and style of Skype messages

change font size and style of skype messages

In this article i am going to show you How to change font size and style of Skype messages. When you install Skype on your computer, the default Font for text messages is set to Segoe UI, and Font Style is set to Regular, and the font Size is set to 10pts. For most of the users default font settings are acceptable and some of the users would ever want to change the font setting.

Changing the Font size and style are both practical and decorative. Larger fonts are easily readable. Serif fonts are formal and are very easy to read but take so much of space. Some people have a weak eye sight and find it difficult to read the smaller fonts so the option of changing font style and font size can help them. You can even make your current font bold or italic to highlight.

To make this changes follow steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Skype account using either your Skype Name or Microsoft account.
    change font size and style of Skype messages
  2. Once you logged-in, click on Tools located on top menu bar then select Options.
  3. Now click on IM & SMS in left bar and select IM appearance.
  4. Now click Change font button on right side.
    change font button in skype
  5. On opened popup box choose desired Font, Font Style and Size.
    select font style
  6. Once you satisfied with selected font and style, click on OK or press Enter Key of your keyboard.
  7. Finally click on Save button or press Enter Key again to save changes and close window.

Checkout changes by sending message to any of your Skype contacts or check previous chat you have done with your contacts.

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