Should We Clean-up Browser Cookies Regularly?


In the past few years, privacy and security concerns have been increasing more and more. People started worrying not only about malware and hackers but for legitimate companies who were trying to get their hands on our browsing habits as well.

Deleting browser Cookies always provides an extra layer of privacy protection. The question is, should we do it?

The Short Answer

If you’re looking for a straight, precise answer, which is correct beyond a reasonable doubt, then you won’t find it on this topic.

Deleting browser Cookies or keeping them is a matter of personal preference which differs from person to person.

And that decision could change depending on someone’s browsing habits and how strict he/she is with privacy and security.

The Long Answer

If you want to understand how Cookies work and if you want to delete them or not, then you’ll have to learn:

  1. What Cookies are and how they work
  2. Why you should consider deleting them
  3. Why you should consider keeping them

Cookies and Their Uses

A Cookie is nothing more than somewhat of a text file which is placed on our main drive by various websites that we visit.

Cookies can be used to store login credentials. These are useful because thanks to them, we won’t have to insert our username and password every single time that we access a website.

A different type of Cookie can be placed and used by 3rd parties to effectively track down our browsing habits.

These are used mainly for advertising as automated systems can get access to what kind of items/services we’re looking for and offer us similar things in advertisements.

Reasons to Delete Cookies

If someone, somehow, gets access to our Cookies, he will be able to access most of our accounts without breaking a sweat.

The login credentials are still encrypted and not visible by the hacker, but that doesn’t change the fact that he can have access to most of our accounts.

And because of that, the hacker instantaneously gets access to most of our personal information and maybe even to our banking/financial information depending on the websites that each one of us uses. And that’s a good reason to delete Cookies.

On a side note, hackers mainly use malicious programs to get remote access and steal our Cookies.

Which means that using an Anti-Malware software like MalwareFox, should protect us from Cookie theft anyway.

As for 3rd party Cookies, there really is no threat to them. People only delete those because they are very sensitive to privacy matters.

All in all, deleting Cookies regularly:

  1. Prevents Cookie theft which partially increases security.
  2. Adds a bit of extra privacy as 3rd party websites can no longer track your previous activities.

Reasons to Keep Cookies

If we delete our Cookies, then we will be forced to insert our login credentials every single time that we wish to access our account.

That can become a rather tedious process. Especially if you are used to having everything filled out automatically.

Other than that, 3rd party Cookies used for advertising can also offer huge benefits. I, for example, was able to land my first job because of a targeted ad which came by utilizing Cookies.

And it doesn’t have to be about big things like landing a job. 3rd party Cookies can also offer targeted items and services ads that are to our interest instead of random stuff.

All in all, keeping your Cookies will enable you to:

  1. Log into your accounts automatically without having to insert login credentials every time.
  2. Have targeted ads that should be way more interesting than random ads.


There is no definite answer to deleting our Cookies. Keeping Cookies has its pros and cons and the same goes for deleting them.

Choose whatever fits you. If you’re interested in deleting Cookies, then you can either keep on deleting them manually through your browser or use an automated program to do that for you.

If you want to keep them, then you don’t have to do anything. Just keep on using your computer like you normally do.

Written by Mohit Sharma

Hello, I am Mohit. With a strong passion for cyber security, I am a content developer and would like to invite you on this learning journey where we will explore the latest technology and hot cybersecurity topics to stay secure and vigilant against all forms of cyber attacks.

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