Comprehending The Reason That Causes iOS Apps To Say “Cleaning”


If you have been using any Apple device that runs iOS 5 and above, it is most likely that you have observed some of the apps get dark and rename itself to cleaning. It happens without any kind of manual interference and has worried the users big time. This usually happens with iOS apps like Facebook, Instapaper and Instagram among many others. Cleaning label comes up more frequently for apps which download data from the internet and saves it in the form of cache or temp files to display to the users.


The users do not need to worry about this occurrence as it is the Apple’s way of detoxifying the device and getting rid of the clutters. When an app says cleaning, it indicates that the local files, temp files and cache are being cleaned up. This move clears up a lot of memory which is otherwise used by the cache and local files and thus makes the backup more efficient and less time consuming.

Reasons that trigger app cleaning 

Apple’s iOS does not provide any feature using which a user can start to clean an app. It is triggered automatically when the operating system detects that the device is running low on memory. If there is shortage of memory in the device, the OS automatically swings into action and frees up the memory by cleaning the app’s cache.

Due to the cleaning process, many users observed that their locally saved articles on Instapaper app were lost. Instapaper however, came up with the solution which saved the articles at a different location which was not deleted but not backed up as well. Such regular cleaning of files have become all the more necessary since the launch of iCloud and Wi-Fi sync options. It is because, in order to keep the backup efficient, it is important to keep the app data as clean as possible. 

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Advantages of the cleaning process 

  • Ensures that the device does not have unused memory thus, makes it perform faster.
  • There is no need for the manual cleaning of apps.
  • Backup is efficient and less time-consuming. 

How to rectify frequent app cleaning? 

If you do not like this cleaning of the apps too often, you may go for manual cleaning of the apps which can be done using several available apps. You may need to connect your Apple device to the computer to perform such cleaning. If you do it on a regular basis, automatic app cleaning will not be triggered as it will not be required. Alternatively, you can go for upgrading your device and get a new one with enhanced GBs. Apple now has several variants of the mobile devices offering as high as 128 GB of space.

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