Computer Security Concerns – MacBook Versus Chrome and Windows Laptop

When you are looking for computer security in the market, it is evident that you will be confused when buying the right device for your computing needs. The choices obviously would be an Apple MacBook, Chromebook or a Windows Laptop. Now out of these three, the question is which one of them is the most secure?

Computing and tech security experts state that the levels of computer security depend upon the user’s individual needs and work profile. If you take a look at a Chromebook, it uses the Chrome OS that is limited to a large extent as it allows you to run Chrome only. The Chromebook again is not a general purpose device as there is no support for you to run other applications besides widgets. You will get no local file storing facility in a Chromebook. These are some of the significant limitations you will get in a Chromebook.

What about Windows Laptop?

Windows Laptops do not have super limitations like Chromebooks. This laptop has been designed uniquely, and it allows users to run any application they want at any time irrespective of the fact of whether these apps are good or bad for them or not. The operating system of a Windows Laptop enables you to download any application you want as the OS will not impose any limitations. You just have to ensure that the application has the correct bytecode to run. However, again you need to be careful as if you are not proficient in understanding the different codes of applications, there are high chances that you will download an app with a bad code and this places your laptop at risk!

Therefore, be careful and resort to controls that tighten the risks of you downloading applications with bad codes. Ensure that you have the right security control for the task.

Apple MacBook

The Apple MacBook 13 is one of the most widely preferred notebooks that customers buy. Its OS is secure and tight. It operates on the default security model UNIX that is not lenient when it comes to security compromises. However, the MacBook does give you the chance to create, download and run codes. You can do many things without jeopardizing your system’s security. However, here you need to give authorization in some way for the applications to run.

Check your choices and work profile before choosing

Therefore, from the obvious choices, if your work mainly focuses on Internet surfing and you need protection from malware, a Chromebook is the safest option. There is not much chance of the system getting infected as the surface area of the attack is very small. An Apple MacBook is more secure from the start over a Windows Laptop that is simply too easy for you to run all the codes you want to. This laptop becomes a soft target for random malware in case you are not too careful.

Therefore, ascertain your needs and choose a Chromebook, Windows Laptop or Apple MacBook accordingly!

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