Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

This year is turning out to be pretty great r for all the gadget geeks out there. We already had a couple of shows and conferences that showcased some of the most advanced gadgets out there. From smart watches to self-driving cars, we are in for a lot of treats in the near future.

Now, we didn’t want only to talk about the most advanced and expensive gadgets out there, but rather about the coolest and most innovative. Of course, we can’t cover every crazy thing that will come out this year, but we guarantee that all of the gadgets from our list will find their use in everyday life.

Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

Nintendo Switch

First on our list is Nintendo Switch. Nobody has made a bigger boom than Nintendo. Not so long ago, they have announced their new gaming console that will without a doubt take the market by the storm. Nintendo has always been great with producing brilliant games and even more brilliant gaming systems. The Switch is no exception. It was officially released in March of this year and to stellar reviews.

This time, Nintendo has focused more on handheld and mobility aspects of the console than on a raw power. This is an interesting way to approach the console market and it will be interesting to watch how the Switch competes with other consoles.

Electronic tattoos

Electronic tattoos might sound odd, but trust us, they are a lot cooler than it sounds. To be honest, these things are not meant to be a piece of art. Their look is not a primary concern. With that said, they don’t look bad at all. Electronic tattoos are literally small devices that are imprinted on your skin. They can measure your heartbeat, blood pressure, and more. Of course, electronic tattoos are not permanent and you can take them off whenever you want.

Cool Must-Have Gadgets for 2017

4K TVs

In 2017, TVs are going to get thinner and their picture is going to get sharper. This is a natural process with the technology, we get more advanced stuff each year. Even though 4K TVs have been around for at least a couple of years, we believe that this year, we will finally see them enter every household.

In the past few years, it was hard to justify a 4K TV purchase because there wasn’t that much content for them. In order to use the 4K resolution to the fullest, a movie or video needs to be shot at that resolution and that wasn’t a thing until now. Today, more and more creators shoot their videos in 4K, making TVs that support that resolution that more attractive.

Keyboard gel cleaner

Keyboards get messy really quickly. Even if you don’t eat at your computer and watch carefully not to spill anything on it, dust, hair and other particles pile up between keyboard buttons. And as you already know, cleaning a keyboard is a real chore. You need to unplug it, take it apart, carefully wash it, and assemble everything back together.

Well, not anymore. This magical gel cleaner will help you reach even the hardest to reach places. There are a lot of companies that sell this fantastic gadget, but iKoala offers great daily deals on all the items in their shop, including this one.

Smart home assistants

Lastly, we would like to talk about smart home assistants. You probably saw these gadgets because they have been available for quite some time. The most notable one is Amazon Echo. They are great for managing your calendar, to-do lists, music, and much, much more. Almost each year we get improved versions that offer more options, features, and better quality of service. As far as we can tell, 2017 will be a great year for these little assistants, mainly because Lenovo is releasing their new and improved model.

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