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This section provides a complete walkthrough for Condition Zero’s Deleted Scenes.

Counter Strike Condition Zero all 12 mission below:

1. Recoil

Overview: An Army Blackhawk has been shot down. Casualties are certain, however there are survivors. It is imperative that any survivors be retrieved and escorted to the evacuation point.
Objectives: Locate the Delta Force operative. Make your way to the evacuation point for extraction.
Time: 05:34 HOURS
Location: Hostile urban environment. Blackhawk crash site, Northern Africa
Organization: U.S. Navy Seal

2. Lost Cause

Overview: While on vacation in the Philippines, a group of German nationals has been kidnapped by a terrorist organization.
Objectives: Infiltrate the compound. Locate the hostages. Assist the team to secure the compound.
Time: 23:39 HOURS
Location: Terrorist Camp. Basilan Islands, Philippines
Organization: German GSG-9

3. Secret War

Overview: Rebels have taken over a remote missile complex in Russia. The threat of nuclear war looms. It is crucial that the facility is reclaimed and that the warhead is disarmed.
Objectives: Locate the nuclear missile silo. Disarm the nuke. Escort all facility support staff from the silo complex.
Time: 13:24 HOURS
Location: ICBM Launch Site. North East Russia.
Organization: Russian Spetsnaz

4. Building Recon

Overview: Unconfirmed information places a terrorist group inside this warehouse complex. It is also suspected that this group has immediate hostile intentions and possesses a nuclear warhead.
Objectives: Infiltrate the complex. Verify the existence of the nuclear bomb. Eliminate any opposition.

5. Drug Lab

Overview: Intel has reported that a highly organized drug cartel is running its main packaging and distribution facility in this Columbian jungle.
Objectives: Locate the hostages. Eliminate any opposition. Destroy all drug processing equipment.
Time: 05:56 HOURS
Location: Columbian drug lab. Bogota, Columbia.
Organization: U.S. Navy SEAL

6. Motorcade Assault

Overview: A European terrorist organization has come to prominence resulting in a distinct spike in terrorist activity throughout this region.
Objectives: Take out the motorcade. Assassinate the terrorist leader. Locate the missing ground team.
Time: 02:18 HOURS
Location: Eastern district outside Venice, Italy.
Organization: German GSG-9

7. Thin Ice

Overview: A hijacked Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker is on a collision course with the city, Vardo, Norway. Massive fatalities are predicted if the ship impacts this border city.
Objectives: Eliminate any opposition. Shut down the ship’s reactors.
Time: 18:48 Hours
Location: Aboard the S S. Gilder
Organization: Arctic Ocean

8. Downed Pilot

Overview: A helicopter has been shot down near a mining compound in the jungles of Argentina. The pilots have been taken hostage.
Objectives: Search the area. Locate any survivors and lead them to the extraction point.
Time: 10:27 HOURS
Location: Mining compound. Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.
Organization: German GSG-9

9. Hankagai

Overview: The safety of this VIP is vital. His tour of a new Tokyo development will facilitate the revitalization of this region. Hostile forces have threatened to assassinate him.
Objectives: Protect the VIP. Eliminate all would-be assassins.
Time: 17:23 HOURS
Location: Urban renewal project site. Tokyo, Japan.
Organization: Japanese Kidotai

10. Turn of the Crank

Overview: It is suspected that an urban drug ring conducts its operation from within this Modesto neighborhood. The ringleader, Moses Sepulveda has been spotted and is believed to be inside the residence.
Objectives: Confirm that Sepulveda is inside. Signal Command via a rigged briefcase.
Time: 17:00 HOURS
Location: Highway village. Modesto, California USA.
Organization: California SWAT police

11. Alamo

Overview: The US Embassy in Yipiti has been overrun. Hostages have been taken and are being held near the King Kabob Restaurant. The local population, sympathetic to a powerful terrorist sect, occupy each dark corner of this desert province.
Objectives: Proceed toward the King Kabob. Locate the hostages and lead them to the extraction point. Neutralize any opposition or obstacles.
Time: 14:00 HOURS
Location: U.S. Embassy. Yipiti, Boshistan.
Organization: U.S. Navy SEAL

12. Rise Hard

Overview: A group of political radicals has taken over a high rise building. In addition to holding many hostages, this group plans to detonate a nuclear device in two hours.
Objectives: Enter the building undetected. Receive additional orders once the situation is assessed.
Time: 19:40 HOURS
Location: Genaserv corporate headquarters. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Organization: British SAS

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