Develop Logo Designs That Social Media Users Will Love

Develop Logo Designs That Social Media Users Will Love

The great thing about social media for businesses is how instant it can be, when releasing new designs or products they can receive an immediate load of responses within minutes after release.

However, as many of us know this can be a double edged sword. If you’re in design industry, criticism from strangers online shouldn’t be something strange.

From Instagram to Uber, logo designers have the ability to break the internet with their new take on modernist, digital design.

The question is, should brands be taking notice of consumer’s opinion? Big brands like Tropicana dropped sales by a depressing 20% in just two months!

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Digital Age Logo Design

It’s no coincidence that many of our favourite companies are rebranding. We are also a lot more aware of the changed being made to logo designs, however small they are.

Take Facebook for an example. Brands began to change to flatter designers back in 2013 and Facebook joined the trend. Facebook freshened up their logo to its current design. Facebook’s adjustment was minor and users probably didn’t notice any difference when it introduced its new logo. The two changes were the lack of shading and the way the bottom of the ‘f’ now disappears into negative space.

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest organisations and they masterfully changed their logo to suit digital demands and flat screen technology.

No Love for Logos: Social Media Backlash

Gap launched a new logo design and rebranded their company in 2010! This was one rebrand that didn’t go down well with fans of the brands. The traditional Gap logo, which was much loved by fashion fans alike for 20 years, was taken away from them almost overnight.

The new logo appeared in the form of the word Gap in a bold font and a square, fading diagonally from light blue to dark blue.

First of all, it was the design community that were affronted by this tragic effort at redesign and the social media world soon followed. This “permanent change” wasn’t created to last.

After being hounded on their social media accounts, as a result of this it took Gap just six days to return to their original logo design. Gap have been  described as “the fastest branding turnarounds of all time”. The embarrassment has tainted the brand ever since and the fail is estimated to have cost them $100 million.

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The Logo Design Debate

It’s not possible to please absolutely everyone. Holding a logo design competition is one way your business can get feedback from users. This isn’t always feasible for smaller brands, Mimi Lauder from Digital Arts says that:

“First off, you should actually expect some animosity. Logo design is, after all, subjective. No films are universally liked – apart from, perhaps, Toy Story – and logos are no different”

Many social media users were conflicted by Instagram’s recent design. Some understood the brand’s transition into the digital age and others were resistant to its transformation. Shortly after its release Instagram announced that they had:

“Been inspired by all the ways the community has grown and changed… We wanted to create something that reflects how vibrant and diverse storytelling on Instagram has become”

Instagram has radically changed their image to display how far they had come as a social media platform, adding other elements and apps into the equation.

Launching Your New Logo

Instinctively we are drawn towards images rather than text. This is why logo design rebrands can make or break a business. Company logo design brand Repeat Logo believe that

“When thinking about a brand we will often visualise their business logo and a recognisable image is what us as customers will begin to remember. Humans, especially creatives are visual by nature, therefore logo design should target instinct to increase brand visibility.”

Your logo is part of an overall business identity. When launching your logo be prepared for the controversy that may come with it. As a result of the digital age, branding is now a discussion.

The consumers’ role in logo design is changing and perhaps it’s time designers and organisations as a whole adapted to this ideology.

Written by Melissa Lang

Melissa Lang is freelance writer from Glasgow, Scotland.

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