Dog Owner Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier

It might sound ridiculous, but apps for dog owners are no exception when it comes to relief that the smartphone technology has provided us in general. Having a dog is basically like having a baby – it can’t really hold its own on its own and it needs your attention. Our daily lives, on the other hand, are nothing if not hectic in the modern-day busy world and you truly do not need an extra chore, which is exactly what a dog is. However, the benefits of having a furry baby significantly outweigh the downsides of not enjoy its loving company. This is why people have come up with a vast array of innovative dog owner apps, designed for your, as well as your pet’s convenience.

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The name of this app basically tells you everything – it logs your route, tracks and displays time, pace, distance, speed, even elevation in real-time. The best part is outlined in the fact that it calculates calories burned on your walk, making it convenient for you as an owner and, more importantly, taking the multi-tasking of paying compliments to both you and your dog simultaneously. MapMyDogwalk is a fitness app, just as much it is a dog walking app.


If you want both you and your dog to meet new friends while enjoying some fresh air, this location-based app will definitely help you. Giving you the ability to socialize with others who own this app by means of dog walking, this convenient app works in a relatively simple way, marking your location within the app to see other nearby users. The part of fun with regards to this app is its competitive, humorous feature of SkyJacking, which lets you take over other users’ “territories”, injecting a ton of fun into your daily dog walks.


Now, if you can’t really afford to leave your dog back home, you’ve doubtlessly encountered the problems of finding pet-friendly hostels. No worries, this is exactly what BringFido helps with. This app lets you search for hostels that accept pets and even lets you book accommodations at the spot. Numerous filters such as distance, popularity, rating and price are included, in addition to detailed policy of every registered hostel, in order to avoid unnecessary last-minute problems at check-in and, should any problems occur, BringFido’s customer service is just a couple of screen touches away at all times. This is not all, however, once you’ve settled in, you can browse dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, parks and even nearby events.


Although this app is not entirely made with dogs and their owners in mind, it offers a convenient feature of finding nearby pet stores and vets offices, just in case you might need these. Forever rid yourself of the nasty problem of going around the place you’re visiting, in search for pet stores or a vet by using this neat Forsquare feature. Additionally, you can use this app to find dog parks in the vicinity and the general world of good that this app brings upon makes it an unavoidable experience for a dog owner or otherwise alike.

The Fat Dog Diet

The age of obesity has even started influencing our furry pets. Monitoring your pet’s diet would be difficult, even without the necessary walks, so why not make it easier on both you and your dog. The Fat Dog Diet app is a digital food log for your dog and, after you’ve consulted your vet about your pet’s needs, you can start tackling your dog’s fat loss goals.

When it comes to dog owners, they’re always looking for ways to bring the inconveniences down to a bare minimum, left with nothing but enjoyment with their pets. No reason to postpone downloading these any further.

Written by Sandeep Likhar

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